Optical illusion-body art

Optical Illusion ~ Body Art ▪️▪️Can you see the person in the image? ▪️▪️Click image to view and watch more of Johannes Stoetter's captivating Artwork!

A self taught photographer.

Daniel Ernst ▫️ Photographer ▫️ WordPress blog ▫️ Instagram At first glance, I did not see what the photographer saw, I saw something else; but the image and its elegant simplicity drew me in to look closer and see the image from the photographers Viewpoint. Photograph by Daniel Ernst. Initially, I saw a wooden stick... Continue Reading →

Growing electricity.

Sometimes you watch or read something that makes you go, wow. Sorry humans, but we did not invent electrical networks. These living growing multicellular microorganisms are literally electricity and it doesn't stop there, these 2cm tiny electrical pulses can link together to create an electrical network to cover an ocean floor, to create an electrical... Continue Reading →

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