Phone Themes – an easy, face-lift for your phone.

Contains videos and best viewed on and for a realistic experience, on your phone. This post contains demo videos about easily changing the theme on an Android phone. Instantly upgrade your phones screen appearance to suit your personality or preferences. Change the stock default icons and font style you see on your home screen,... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Word Android Demo-on a phone!

The most popular word document software / app used in a professional capacity is Microsoft Word.▪️It converts and crosses over into other word applications and is available for the mobile platform.▪️It's not just for word processing, you can do an array of creative desktop publishing, share and have conversations with friends or co workers within documents, and can be quite fun.

My Cyborg attachment – Review : OPPO A9 2020

My Cyborg attachment - Review : OPPO A9 2020...............I was out for the day when my cyborg attachment , that I fondly call my mobile phone, decided it no longer wanted to live in unison with me and packed it in.............. Click image to continue reading.

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