Ladies and Gents.  Gearheads, EV enthusiasts and rocket obsessive compulsives.

This blog post contains videos and is best viewed in web format at Contents of this blog post: EV language for Gearheads!Inventer of the indicator turn signal and first Movie Star - Florence LawrenceQueen Elizabeth the auto mechanic.COO of SpaceX - Gwyn Shotwell Disclaimer EV language for Gearheads! Attention all Petrolheads, Gearheads, Revheads or... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Future electric cars. From psychedelic to farts.

This post contains some videos and is best viewed in web format at Disclaimer : This is not a paid promotion, by any company, manufacturer or individual. I've had a pretty awful start to 2020 so I wanted to have some fun of my own, so this is a little dreaming, a little escapism... Continue Reading →

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