You can’t wear a bikini to a shopping plaza, can you?

You can't wear a bikini to a shopping plaza, can you ❓

Book Review – AI Superpowers.

New World Order. 🔺 Kai Fu Lee is a leader in AI, having worked as an executive for Apple, Microsoft and Google 🔺 This book is also a personal account of how he was forced to face his own mortality when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 🔺 - CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

Book Review – Beta Life

Book Review - Beta Life. 🔹How the future used to look.🔹 Original in its presentation of 20 short Sci-Fi stories, followed up with genuine science and technology. 🔹 CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

Pattern Recognition = Brain Washing.

Pattern Recognition = Brain Washing 🔹 The mind is programmed to accept everyday things through pattern recognition.🔹 It takes a strong mind with many other views for comparison, to change the acceptance of that pattern recognition.🔹 Most machines are like some humans, deliberately brain washed /programmed for certain pattern recognition, while oblivious to other things 🔹 CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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