Optical illusion-body art

Optical Illusion ~ Body Art ▪️▪️Can you see the person in the image? ▪️▪️Click image to view and watch more of Johannes Stoetter's captivating Artwork!

Painters of Reality.

Painters of Reality. 🔸 Book Review 🔸 For Leonardo Da Vinci , nature was a mysterious generative force, and his paintings depict statements of ambiguity. 🔸 Read more......

A self taught photographer.

Daniel Ernst ▫️ Photographer ▫️ WordPress blog ▫️ Instagram At first glance, I did not see what the photographer saw, I saw something else; but the image and its elegant simplicity drew me in to look closer and see the image from the photographers Viewpoint. Photograph by Daniel Ernst. Initially, I saw a wooden stick... Continue Reading →

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