The positive side of wearing a face mask.

THE POSITIVE SIDE OF WEARING A FACE MASK . 🟢 The stigma of wearing a face mask in western culture is changing. 🟢 Facial recognition privacy advocates.

Socrates quote – My thoughts, about his thoughts, about thinking ‼️

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." Socrates I cannot make anybody think. Someone either chooses to think or they don't.If they choose to think, it may not be what I want them to think about. Someone can say what you've told them to say, but that may be different to... Continue Reading →

Aurora – Book Review

Not just a fantasy Sci Fi. This was surprisingly deep with human phsychology and  philosophical currents running throughout the book. Heavily centered around the human needs and problems of interplanetary travel, settlement and life. The Interplanetary travel, is on a ship which is a moving planet, a living biome. The ship is a cyborg, a conscious... Continue Reading →

You can’t wear a bikini to a shopping plaza, can you?

You can't wear a bikini to a shopping plaza, can you ❓

The Artistic Layers of Music and Acting

The Artistic Layers of Music and Acting.... Delve deeper, beyond the surface, appreciate the layers....... To Read more, click the image.

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