The positive side of wearing a face mask & facial recognition.

THE POSITIVE SIDE OF WEARING A FACE MASK . 🟢 The stigma of wearing a face mask in western culture is changing. 🟢 Facial recognition privacy advocates.

Aurora – Book Review

Not just a fantasy Sci Fi. This was surprisingly deep with human phsychology and  philosophical currents running throughout the book. Heavily centered around the human needs and problems of interplanetary travel, settlement and life. The Interplanetary travel, is on a ship which is a moving planet, a living biome. The ship is a cyborg, a conscious... Continue Reading →

Book Review – AI Superpowers.

New World Order. 🔺 Kai Fu Lee is a leader in AI, having worked as an executive for Apple, Microsoft and Google 🔺 This book is also a personal account of how he was forced to face his own mortality when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 🔺 - CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

Book Review – Beta Life

Book Review - Beta Life. 🔹How the future used to look.🔹 Original in its presentation of 20 short Sci-Fi stories, followed up with genuine science and technology. 🔹 CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

Pattern Recognition = Brain Washing.

Pattern Recognition = Brain Washing 🔹 The mind is programmed to accept everyday things through pattern recognition.🔹 It takes a strong mind with many other views for comparison, to change the acceptance of that pattern recognition.🔹 Most machines are like some humans, deliberately brain washed /programmed for certain pattern recognition, while oblivious to other things 🔹 CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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