Web Chat instructions for newbies.

Privacy is yours

You can use an anonymous nickname without login.
Or use Twitter or Facebook, to display your name and avatar.
No app or download required. — Simple!

Click Join and choose

Please note:
This Webchat is public.
Anyone can join and chat on our channel – hmmstudio – or just read the conversation .
Hmmstudio is the moderator of our own channel, so keep it friendly.

Disclaimer :
Hmmstudio is not responsible for chat content submitted in the chat forum or any links submitted by anyone other than those from Hmmstudio.
The Webchat platform is powered by tlk.io

Chat on Hmmstudio Webchat channel anywhere:
On our Website or via
Our channel URL : http://tlk.io/hmmstudio

Tips & Tricks

You can delete your own comments if you make a mistake.
The moderator (Hmmstudio) can delete any comment if it is not appropriate.

If you type @ + username, like @matt, it will highlight the message to that user. Click the circle avatar to quickly add it to the input.

If you use a hash tag (#), it automatically turns them into channel links, like #hey.
Our channel link is #hmmstudio
Our channel URL : http://tlk.io/hmmstudio

Also, pasted URLs will turn into links.

📌 If you leave a message for Hmmstudio and we are not currently active in your conversation, use our handle @hmmstudio_ or click our circle Avatar. When Hmmstudio is active again in the chat room, we will know the message is for us.

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