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Sponsorship proposals are welcome from organizations or individuals who are interested in sponsoring Hmmstudio.

It is considered important to Hmmstudio that your aspirations, philosophy and products are heading in the same direction as Hmmstudio.

The sponsorship agreement would need to be mutually beneficial and customized to suit both parties based on the type and level of sponsorship you are looking to engage in.

Sponsorship proposals are welcome.

Contact Hmmstudio to express your interest in Sponsoring Hmmstudio.

Please include :
▫️ Any questions you may have.
▫️ Your initial proposal or interests in Hmmstudio.
▫️ Any relevant information, links about yourself or organization.

All emails are screened for security reasons and only genuine Sponsorship proposals with Hmmstudio will be considered.

Please note

By contacting Hmmstudio you agree that Hmmstudio can use the information and contact details you provide, to reply to your message.

  • This initial internal message from you is private, secure and encrypted. However, a reply from us to your designated email address will only be completely secure if your email at your end, is encrypted as well; or you use the same email provider as us.
  • We can reply with a password protected email if you request and give us your selected password in this initial secure internal message.
    • This password will be required to open the email at your end and is only valid for that one selected email.
    • The password can be:
      • a word or phrase,
      • contain letters, numbers or special character symbols.
    • We recommend you use a secure browser.
    • A notification of our secure email reply to you, will be sent to your nominated email account.
      • Use a secure browser.
      • Use your password or phrase to open the email.
      • The secure email will be opened via our Proton Account.
  • Your details are stored in our email contact list, but will not be used other than to reply to your messages.
  • Your comment may be used to improve our website, product or service.
  • You will not be placed on a mailing list unless you specifically subscribe.

Hmmstudio uses ProtonMail with End-to-End Encryption for privacy.

“ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.”

ProtonMail website

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