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This website is designed by Heidi M.

I write all the blogs, unless it is a reblog or collaboration, whereby the author is clearly stated. My background is in design and art, and I create many of the digital artworks found on this website, indicated by Heidi M signature, unless the image credit states otherwise. I like to support other artists when I can, with image credits and links where possible.

I can code or programme, and like to incorporate coding into my website and artistic expression. I’m always learning.

My strongest languages are: html, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap3 flexbox.

With fundamental knowledge of: Python3, Java PHP. Current and future technology, fascinate me.

Hmmstudio reflects my multidisciplinary life and interests.

I am a freelancer and open to collaboration.

Contact Hmmstudio regarding collaboration.

Include relevant information and links with initial contact.

Please be advised that all emails are screened for security reasons and only genuine interest in collaboration with Hmmstudio will be considered.

Please note

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