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"Animals can't control themselves, so we put them on a leash." ▪️ While everyone else is rattling on about freedom of speech and internet access. I'm looking for browser add-ons to filter and block websites and words that trigger the malicious botnets.

Ladies and Gents.  Gearheads, EV enthusiasts and rocket obsessive compulsives.

This blog post contains videos and is best viewed in web format at Contents of this blog post: EV language for Gearheads!Inventer of the indicator turn signal and first Movie Star - Florence LawrenceQueen Elizabeth the auto mechanic.COO of SpaceX - Gwyn Shotwell Disclaimer EV language for Gearheads! Attention all Petrolheads, Gearheads, Revheads or... Continue Reading →

Latest status of the 2019-2020 nCoV – novel coronavirus

As with most, if not all medical conditions, early detection and treatment is important. China released the information to the worlds medical community quite early allowing for quick mobilisation of resources, awareness and prevention. Ground Zero Initial source was from Huanan Seafood Market where initial patients were workers at the seafood market. The seafood market... Continue Reading →

Check your outbound email Spammyness and website Spoofyness.

The website " Treehouse ",,by some very clever developers, allows you to check the spammyness of your outbound emails. It also provides a way for website / domain owners or administrators to check their sites spoofyness. It's a website, not an app, so no download required, but you can add them to your home... Continue Reading →

I have a confession… I'm a noodle snob.!!

Ramen, Teppanyaki and Sushi. This post contains videos and is best viewed in Web view format at I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to Ramen or any noodle dish. Nothing beats fresh noodles, especially if you have visited or lived in the area of which the dish originates. I am not... Continue Reading →

The Hmmstudio Gallery is now open.

Take a tour, at your own pace, wherever you are. I will be reguarly adding to the gallery with new images, gifs and videos. New categories are planned for the not too distant future, so stay tuned. CLICK OR TOUCH TO VIEW THE GALLERY. ⇩ GALLERY Or copy and paste URL:

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