Fake news is obstructing our freedom to access real information.

"Animals can't control themselves, so we put them on a leash." ▪️ While everyone else is rattling on about freedom of speech and internet access. I'm looking for browser add-ons to filter and block websites and words that trigger the malicious botnets.

Sounds of Future electric cars. From psychedelic music to farts.

Fake noises might be just what our streets need. ▪️ Not loud obnoxious noises that we get with gas guzzling combustion engines. These noises are for quiet electric vehicles. They can be melodious, funny and pleasant, but need to be recognizable for people who may be blind or can't see through the eyes in the backs of their cyborg heads, when they have a lot of thick hair. ( Sorry that's just me)

Microsoft Word – Android Phone – Tutorial

The most popular word document software / app used in a professional capacity is Microsoft Word.▪️It converts and crosses over into other word applications and is available for the mobile platform.▪️It's not just for word processing, you can do an array of creative desktop publishing, share and have conversations with friends or co workers within documents, and can be quite fun.


Helloooo good looking! If, like me, you have a thing for good looking widgets, then I have a couple you'll want to display on your phone. Not only do they look good but you interact with them, directly from your phones home screen, offline or online. Beautiful and useful, what a combo. You'll see in... Continue Reading →


I was interested in seeing the little truck and then............ Oh my God it really is a tank. I stand corrected PAV - Personal Armoured Vehicle. Disclaimer : I'm not a truck person.  It looks mean and menacing, Definitely not pretty. Image credit: http://www.tesla.com The Tesla Cybertruck components and specs are impressive. A few tweaks and customization... Continue Reading →

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