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"Animals can't control themselves, so we put them on a leash." While everyone else is rattling on about freedom of speech and internet access. I'm looking for browser add-ons to filter ( hide and highlight) and block websites and words that trigger the malicious botnets. Contents of this blog post: Fake news is obstructing our... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Word Android Demo-on a phone!

This post contains videos and is best viewed on in web format.The videos are mobile phone screen recordings in portrait view. The most popular word document software / app used in a professional capacity is Microsoft Word. Knowledge and use of the software is often required. It converts and crosses over into other word... Continue Reading →


Helloooo good looking! This post contains videos and is best viewed in web format at If, like me, you have a thing for good looking widgets, then I have a couple you'll want to display on your phones. Not only do they look good but you interact with them, directly from your phones home... Continue Reading →

Get out of my work and stop snooping… 👀

Use a Private browser and /or VPN on mobile. This post contains videos and is best viewed in web format at I have tried many mobile VPN's and private browsers, both paid and free.  The VPN, in particular , can be a nightmare to setup on mobile and some are dodgy to say the... Continue Reading →

Web App, No download required.- mobile or desktop.

Web App, No download required. Add us to your homescreen, is optimized for mobile and desktop, and can be used as a Web App.You don't have to download anything, you just need an internet connection. 1. Go to our website homepage: 2. Click the 3 dots at the top right corner of your... Continue Reading →

I taught myself to code on a mobile phone – Part 2

I taught myself to code on a mobile phone. - Part 2 🔸 Code in Visual Media. 🔸 This interactive video blog aims to demonstrate where my initial code, created when learning with SoloLearn on a mobile device only, has been utilized outside of the coding platform. 🔸 You will have access to the source code and the video result and insights into the creative process. 🔸CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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