Batty Bat’s

14 years ago, on a beautiful clear night, I was outside drinking a glass of sherry around midnight. I was visited by a bat, it hung from the house awning above me. Click image to view credits and video versions I knew bats carried diseases and said "here have my sherry just don't scratch or... Continue Reading →

When life gives you lemons!

Contains videos and best viewed at "When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye." Cathy Guiswite OR "When life gives you lemons, attack the top brass." Heidi M Lemons are helpful for vitamin C intake and are a great flavour additive to food and beverages. But the lemon citrus fruit is also... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Future electric cars. From psychedelic music to farts.

Fake noises might be just what our streets need. ▪️ Not loud obnoxious noises that we get with gas guzzling combustion engines. These noises are for quiet electric vehicles. They can be melodious, funny and pleasant, but need to be recognizable for people who may be blind or can't see through the eyes in the backs of their cyborg heads, when they have a lot of thick hair. ( Sorry that's just me)

Poems – A trip down memory lane.

TIRED OF BEING TIRED Sometimes, I just get tired of being awake to things.Other times, my eyes are tired of seeing.Then, I get tired of being tired.So I sleep. The mind wants to sleep in total darkness, but never can.It has more energy when the body is at rest.It can travel further without the physical... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays and……..?? ‼️

It's 9.20 pm on a Friday night, you're relaxing in the privacy of your abode. Most normal, logical people would not dream about knocking on a complete strangers door, let alone on a friday night unless they were in trouble and running from a lunatic in the street, and even then most people would not... Continue Reading →


Remember Daniel Pearl "You cannot answer a question you cannot ask.You cannot ask a question that you have no words for." Judea Pearl

Friday the 13th.

Remember to clean your screen so your cyber stalker can see you! Don't go out after dark, Black cats are bad luck. You can't see them in the dark! Unless you have your night vision goggles on. In which case,I'm pretty sure the cat and everyone else will be running from you. Have a good... Continue Reading →

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