Postal Voting 2020

POSTAL VOTING 2020 📮All I had to do was.......

The Scenario

THE SCENARIO ~ This is a follow up scenario to my previous blog post : THE BIG PICTURE - THROUGH MY EYES.


THE BIG PICTURE - THROUGH MY EYES. Interconnecting the old with new and future possibilities. ALL AT YOUR LOCAL LEVEL

The positive side of wearing a face mask.

THE POSITIVE SIDE OF WEARING A FACE MASK . 🟢 The stigma of wearing a face mask in western culture is changing. 🟢 Facial recognition privacy advocates.

Life Hack – Forgot your  eyeglasses ,not to worry , you’ll still be able to read the menu.

LIFE HACK - Forgot your eyeglasses ,not to worry , you'll still be able to read the menu. For those who need eye glasses ,and even for those who don't !!

Anyone fancy a quick skinny dip?

ANYONE FANCY A QUICK SKINNY DIP ? ~ Great for entertaining guests at pool parties or cocktail parties , or even at a picnic by a lake or beach.~ It has a zesty tart edge that makes it the perfect accompaniment for many occasions or as a mixer. ~ Greek style yoghurt !!! ~ Makes great dips !!!

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