Have you ever noticed ?

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED ?...... Blog post contains ---- Humor and social science mixed with a little phone tech.

Here’s the thing about carbon free terminology – Magnetic Induction vs Combustion

Here's the thing about carbon free terminology - MAGNETIC INDUCTION VS COMBUSTION

If you could, would you want to be immortal or have a superpower ?

If you could, would you want to be immortal or have a superpower ? .....🌎 Many species on Earth live far longer lives than humans …

Batty Bat’s

14 years ago, on a beautiful clear night, I was outside drinking a glass of sherry around midnight. I was visited by a bat, it hung from the house awning above me. Click image to view credits and video versions I knew bats carried diseases and said "here have my sherry just don't scratch or... Continue Reading →

Stamina and no strings attached

You want this, you just don't know it yet! ◾ Everything is going wireless and I like it. All those messy wires and plugs are just so outdated and ugly.

Latest status of the 2019-2020 nCoV – novel coronavirus

As with most, if not all medical conditions, early detection and treatment is important. China released the information to the worlds medical community quite early allowing for quick mobilisation of resources, awareness and prevention. Ground Zero Initial source was from Huanan Seafood Market where initial patients were workers at the seafood market. The seafood market... Continue Reading →

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