Stamina and no strings attached

You want this, you just don't know it yet! ◾ Everything is going wireless and I like it. All those messy wires and plugs are just so outdated and ugly.

I have a confession… I'm a noodle snob.!!

Ramen, Teppanyaki and Sushi. This post contains videos and is best viewed in Web view format at I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to Ramen or any noodle dish. Nothing beats fresh noodles, especially if you have visited or lived in the area of which the dish originates. I am not... Continue Reading →

Care for some Crickets?

No I'm not talking about the game although I'm sure those cricketers have smashed a few in their time. The next sustainable and scalable food source of protein. The flying pesky insects than can devastate farm crops in one go, like locusts. Well farmers can get their revenge. Crickets have a naturally short life span,... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and Love – Weekly Quote

Chocolate and Love - Weekly Quote... ⚜️... Food for Thought - Poetry

Steak Lovers

Steak Lovers..... Quick and Easy Steak to impress...... 🔸Click image for Recipe Instructions.

Animal lovers and Meat lovers, happy days are on the horizon.

Animal lovers and Meat lovers, happy days are on the horizon... 🔹... Real Lab Grown meat, but No Sentient Animals Slaughtered.

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