Aurora – Book Review

Not just a fantasy Sci Fi. This was surprisingly deep with human phsychology and  philosophical currents running throughout the book. Heavily centered around the human needs and problems of interplanetary travel, settlement and life. The Interplanetary travel, is on a ship which is a moving planet, a living biome. The ship is a cyborg, a conscious... Continue Reading →

Robot Geneticists : Eve14 Collection – Book Review

This collection consists of:Books 1 - 6. 59 hours 44 minutes. The tables have been turned. Humanity is extinct from the " invasion" and the robots they built are now trying to genetically bring back humans, while also making earth livable again, in preparation for when they succeed. Brain recycling, mind uploading, is a thing.... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Mayor of Noobtown.

Book Review 📚 Quite funny in parts with a dry wit. 🎮 Definitely one for gamers or people interested in the theory that we live in a simulation. 📖. Read the full review 🔝

AWAKENING -The Twinborn Chronicles

📚Book Review....... AWAKENING -The Twinborn Chronicles ... 🌍🌎... An epic tale,where the entangled lives of twin born people exist in parallel worlds. It contains everything from dragons, sorcerers, warlocks, goblins, war battles, pirates and necromancers.

Book Review – Life 3.0      

Book Review - Life 3.0 🔹Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence. -🔹CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

Book Review – Beta Life

Book Review - Beta Life. 🔹How the future used to look.🔹 Original in its presentation of 20 short Sci-Fi stories, followed up with genuine science and technology. 🔹 CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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