This website is designed and maintained by Heidi M.

I write, edit and publish all blog posts, unless clearly stated otherwise with the author or creators name.

My background is in design and I create many of the digital artworks found on this website, indicated by Heidi M signature, unless the image credit states otherwise. I endeavour to support other creators when I can, with image credits and links where possible.

All web design, administration and content was created, entered and published on a mobile phone for specific short and long term projects between 2019 and December 2020.

No other individual or organization has had authority to access the administration end of this website and will continue this way until I personally give access through legal documents.

Hmmstudio.com is a public portfolio of work and also an active website for private work unrelated to public blog posts.

Currently, I have no immediate plans to close the website or relinquish ownership of the domain name.

Previously, I was the designer, content creator and administrator on my former website krystellene.com, using only a mobile phone between 2017-2019. I retain ownership of the domain name, but closed the website and started hmmstudio.com.

To contact Hmmstudio by Heidi M visit our Contact Page and send a private, internal, secure encrypted email.

I am a Freelance Content Specialist and ghost writer.
For further information visit LinkedIn via the link below.

We each walk a different path. They occasionally cross with others, branch out and take unexpected turns. I am not interested in destroying the paths of others, only to give information and choices to take along on their journey. 

Don’t hold those who choose a different path back, because they’re not going in your direction.

by Heidi M

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