This website is designed by Heidi M.

I write all the blogs, unless it is a reblog or collaboration, whereby the author is clearly stated.

My background is in design and art, and I create many of the digital artworks found on this website, indicated by Heidi M signature, unless the image credit states otherwise. I like to support other artists when I can, with image credits and links where possible.

I can code or programme, and like to incorporate coding into my website and artistic expression. I’m always learning. My strongest languages are:

  • html,
  • CSS,
  • JavaScript,
  • JQuery,
  • Bootstrap3
  • flexbox,

with fundamental knowledge of:

  • Python3,
  • Java
  • PHP.

Current and future technology, fascinate me.

Hmmstudio reflects my multidisciplinary life and interests.

I am a freelancer and open to collaboration.

Collaborate I am a freelancer and open to collaboration.
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We each walk a different path. They occasionally cross with others, branch out and take unexpected turns. I am not interested in destroying the paths of others, only to give information and choices to take along on their journey. 

Don’t hold those who choose a different path back, because they’re not going in your direction. 

by Heidi M

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