Magnetic Induction vs Combustion – small

This gif was created for the

Blog post Link : Here’s the thing about carbon free terminology – Magnetic Induction vs Combustion
Link : 16:9 Cover Image

Link : Medium
Link : Large

16:9 Induction vs Combustion
Link :360 SD Video
Link :720p HD video
Link :Full HD 1080p video
Link :4K video

Internal link – Hmmstudio
Static image Link : EV’s vs ICE

External links –
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Direct Link : Earth – rocks and water
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Direct Link : Sparrow
Direct Link : Bee/Wasp
Direct Link : Blue butterfly
Direct Link : Multi coloured butterfly

Direct Link : Smoke stacks
Direct Link : Earth Fire
Direct Link : Hair Fire
Direct Link : Fish in water
Link : Dying fish

This video-gif-image was compiled and edited by Heidi M for

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