Weather forecast and Travel Advisory

All you people in the Northern Hemisphere, in Fall/Autumn, wishing you were still in Summer.
There is a place on earth, where you can get 4 seasons in one day.

Just think:

  • You never have to pack up your seasonal clothes into storage.
  • You have the chance to wear them all year round.
  • It’s all about layers, you can get creative with your fashion, wear multiple outfits in one day. You don’t have to choose just one outfit per day.

The only thing is :

You have to carry a suitcase of clothing with you every day, to cater for that change in temperature, often without any warning ,

One minute it’s sunny, warm and balmy. The next minute it’s dropped 10°, blowing a gale, pouring with rain and freezing.

If you’re really lucky you’ll experience one of the many hail storms, while out walking on a sunny day. Mother nature thought you were too relaxed and started throwing ice rocks at you.

A suitcase with wheels is recommended; or if you can, a robotic suitcase that will just follow you around.

Instagram embedded image.
This is a good option for when you need a seat.👇

Some robotic suitcases can even be used as mobility devices.

Driveable Suitcase

YouTube embedded video 2min – 6 years ago
Possibly where it all started. 👇

🔉Audio in English.

Scooter luggage

YouTube embedded video 10min. – 3 years ago
One of the first functional Scooter luggage.
Airplane overhead luggage compatable or just perfect for shopping or commuting. 
This video is not about any particular brand, just about the first working Scooter luggage. 
It’s not a sales video. 👇

🔉Audio in English.

Top 10 Futuristic Smart Suitcases

YouTube embedded video 10.40min – 1 year ago
Everything from battery powered suitcases that can charge your phone or laptop on the go.
GPS trackers and app that can track your luggage, suitcases that notify you when you are moving too far away from it,
Rideable suitcases like a mini motorised bike and a robotic suitcase that follows you and avoids obstacles.👇

🔉Audio in English.

Or just go for the old backpack if you don’t need ironed clothing.

Just wait for the steamy part of the day, get those clothes out and steam the creases out as you wear them. No need for a steam machine that they use in showrooms or retail outlets.

For Newbies, that’s just after the rain when the sun comes out and the temperature rises 10 degrees within 2 minutes . It’s important to act quickly to capitalize on these rapid changes.


Remember to always check the weather yourself, don’t just take the weather bureau’s word for it.
Look out the window,
Look at the sky.
Look at the formation of the clouds.
Watch what the birds and native wildlife do – that includes all species including humans, but excluding sheep 🐑, they’ll lead you down the garden path every time despite what’s actually happening in real time.

Yes, you too can experience this.
Enquire at your Travel Agent.
Ask for :
“The 4 seasons in one day trip.”
They’ll know where to send you.

Four Seasons – Panoramic view
Click image to view attachment page with full view and credits.


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