Have you ever noticed ?

Have you ever noticed when you’re wearing polarised sunglasses and you physically turn your phone screen to landscape mode, you can’t see the screen, it turns pitch black, but you can see it perfectly good when in portrait mode.⁉️

I thought my phone had died, when it first happened. Lucky I didn’t throw my trusty companion in the garbage bin.

I nearly buried him alive !

Would have become very expensive, every time I put my sunnies on !

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This does not happen with sunglasses that are NOT polarised.

It just annoys me ‼️
Yes, I tested this trivial but annoying fact.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you like to wear polarised shades at night in the dark – as we all do !!! – your landscape phone view will become slightly lighter and more visible .

If your phone does not do this, please let me know or tell me why.


Either all sunglasses are made crooked or I have one ear higher than the other.


All my mirrors are funny farm mirrors and warp my reflection.

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Sun hats are not generally thoughtful of people with a lot of thick hair, or bald men generally design them.

Sun hats should have a top hat depth, just enough to accommodate a hair bun or your hair piled on top of your head and held in place by the hat. I’m thinking no more than an extra 5cm would be needed, with a sun hat brim, so woman can tie their hair up when wearing a sun hat. If you try to pile your hair up with standard sun hat depths, the hat won’t stay on your head.

In the heat I don’t like my thick long hair down my back, when wearing a sun hat to protect my neck, shoulders, scalp and face.
Its like wearing a blanket on your back in hot, sunny weather.
Most men just wear caps, more women tend to wear full brimmed sun hats.

Think I’ll design a brimmed hat for people with a lot of hair or are aliens with a cone shaped head.

Someone beat me to it.
This hat is perfect for me.

Click GIF to view attachment page with credits and Full HD 1080 video version


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