Postal Voting 2020

This was the easiest, no fuss voting that I have experienced in my 31 years of compulsory voting. 

  • No standing in long lines.
  • No braving the weather.
  • No rescheduling a day to go and vote. 
  • No people waiting outside the voting locations to hassle you and shove flyers in your face.
  • I didn’t even have to lodge a request to have a postal ballot form sent to me. 

We were told the forms would be posted to us within a 2 day period, so we knew when to expect them and check our snail mail box. The ballot and return envelope contained clear and easy instructions. 

All I had to do was:

  • Fill it in. 
  • Seal it. 
  • Put it in the red snail mail box. 
Click image to view attachment page with credits.

BRAVO to the electoral commission and their team. 
This should be how every election is conducted.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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