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Allow me to take you on a journey with words, images and videos through my minds eye, from:
▫️Drive-In Movie theatres,
▫️Dining, restaurants, cafes,
▫️Retail shopping,
▫️Online Gaming and
▫️Social mobility .
All at your LOCAL level.

The following is based on my personal factual research, experience, imagination and interconnecting the old with new and future possibilities.

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While my region of location was in lock down due to Covid-19, I would pack up a picnic lunch and drive to a picturesque or thought inspiring location to work remotely and picnic in my car, perfect for social distancing but soothed the mental psyche with different stimulation.

It got me thinking about empty parking lots, and I must say, it was a fun thought process.

Shopping centre/plaza and Sporting facilities parking lots should be turned into Drive – In Theatres after dark.

Retail is in a slump and those parking lots can be put to use. With today’s technology, is it possible to unroll large screens or permanently install rigid screens in different parking areas and show different movies, with a plethora of projectors almost anywhere.

That’s for the engineers to mull over. Maybe a rigid frame structure with an attached rollable screen in the middle, to avoid movement from heavy winds. This would avoid a massive white screen constantly visible, although it could be a billboard by day and Theatre Screen at night.

Artistic Impression – Video
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Sessions – depending on type and length of movie and daylight hours, including intermissions.

Early 6 pm – 8 pm
or10 pm – 12 pm
Late Night10 pm – 12 pm
or11 pm – 1 am

Social distancing at its best.
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio connection and a social chat forum for each location.
Most plazas, businesses and venues already have Wi-Fi for guests or patrons and can simply be extended to cover the car park regions, if they don’t already .

Socialize safely in your cars !!!!!
Full circle, bring back Drive – Ins with a modern twist.

All the food outlets, restaurants and other retail outlets could take orders and deliver straight to the cars in the parking lots, prior to the movie and at intermission, while customers would have constant online access to order food, drinks or products.
Once the movie is over, customers can drive or their RoboTaxi will take them to another area and continue to order products, food or drinks in a bar like atmosphere, perhaps with musical entertainment.

Car parks cover vast areas.

  • Ground level open air,
  • Underground basement parking,
  • High rise multi level layered parking,
  • Open air roof top parking.

Most car parks in heavily populated areas are built under strict guidelines.

  • Sprinkler systems,
  • Security ,
  • Multiple entry and exit points clearly marked.

Contactless Mobile Payment Devices already exist or Online Payments. Hello happy retailers and customers.

Waiters /waitresses and shop assistants on roller skates, electric scooters or small golf cart buggies, for those who never mastered the skill of roller skating or roller blading, would deliver your order to your car.

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The delivery personnel would wear full futuristic enhanced helmets complete with microphone, audio and order display graphics on their visor. Triple whammy for their safety, covers their face and mouth, protects their head and provides on the go updates and info.

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Each parking space would have its own delivery address or number.
Most of the car parks are general and shared by all establishments in the plaza, complex or area .
Some exclusive stores or restaurants may have their own designated areas, but that obviously adds cost for exclusivity for the business and their patrons.


RoboTaxi rentals by the hour.
RoboTaxi ‘s are not too far away and in some countries they are already being deployed on pre-determined routes.

RoboTaxi’s are standard sized cars except driverless and electric, therefore you will have more comfort and space without the need for pedals, steering wheel, center console etc.


RoboTaxi Package – A Drive-in Theatre, shopping and dinner package, with full stretch out leg room and lounge like experience


RoboPods- Themed lounge pods with full dining capacity.

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Your Robotaxi or RoboPod would pick you up at your home and take you to the Drive – In. Then return you safely home, so you could relax, shop, dine and watch the movie with a glass of wine or beer, depending on your preferences, and not worry about who the designated driver is going to be .
High tech windows will allow you to change the opacity with a toggle of an icon, for those looking for privacy rather than socializing at a distance. ▫️Transparent ▫️tinted ▫️ one way vision ▫️ totally opaque.

Existing electric cars like Tesla and thus future Robotaxi’s, can quietly and safely maintain climate control temperature for you while you are sitting in the car ( no noisy engine to ruin the experience) , so you won’t overheat or freeze to death, such as the Tesla’s camp mode ( Drive In theatre mode) or dog mode ( Staying alive mode ) .

Not to mention,
“Steamy Windows”

Watch “Tina Turner – Steamy Windows” on YouTube embed below.

Music Video – Official Tina Turner YouTube

Rule 1
If its rocking, don’t bother knocking.

I am of an age that I can remember going to Drive – Ins as a child and teenager.
It would be great to have the modern day experience.


Watch “Tesla’s New Camp Mode Explained” on YouTube embed below.

A very quick and simple explanation of camp mode or in general the temperature or climate control settings.

Watch “Tesla Model Y Camping “- Camp Mode on YouTube embed below.

This is a more in depth video specifically about the camp mode ecperience .


Watch “When the humans are away | Dog Mode in 360°” on YouTube embed below.


Drag your finger on the video, on a touchscreen or your cursor on a standard screen, to take a tour of the inside of the car.
View the entire inside, including the roof.

This can be done on any digital device, phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Or use a VR ( virtual reality) headset for a fully immersive experience.

Retail stores can have this 360° interactive experience , whereby customers in their car can virtually go through the actual store which is about 50 – 100 metres away, and see what is on your shelves, your displays, signs, pricing and any specials or sale items you have.
A real time, “quantity available list”, just for that local store, for each item would be accessible with just a tap, which automatically updates when people purchase them, this is just software coding aligned with stock lists.

Customers can purchase and pay, then the product is packed by the sales assistant in the store and delivered to your car by the designated delivery assistant.
All why you sit drinking the coffee that was delivered to your car or pod and chat with your friends who are sitting with you in person or in an online chat forum, or you may be working remotely online.

The shopper gets immediate gratification, which is the main appeal of in – store shopping, as many people don’t want to wait for postal delivery and want the reassurance of knowing where the product is physically located, point of sale – source.

The stores are real and can still have foot traffic for those who don’t have cars or specifically need a hands – on experience such as, trying on a garment either off the shelf or customized, but as during the pandemic and even outside the pandemic, the amount of people in the store at one time is limited just by sheer space.


During the day, or lunch hours, the same principle could be applied. You could shop for goods and order food, have it delivered to your car or pod, but without the gigantic movie screen. Existing retail outlets would have a different stream of sales from the same location without postage and with social distancing if required.


Those with electric cars could play games on their internal computer screen and have cafe style snacks delivered to their car or RoboTaxi / pod. They could play against others in the parking area linked into the chat forum.
Many car parks already have plug-in EV charging facilities or are planning inductive charge plates embedded into the ground.

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Those without electric cars could use their personal tablet or laptop, depending on its battery life, you may need to bring power banks for battery extension life.


Working remotely, which is usually creative, online sales, office or administrative type work, allows you to be flexible and utilize the hours best to your advantage.
You become accustomed to working when it is best for you or your team and have many options.

Spreading the movement of people over a longer period of the day also decreases the congestion of people in areas, which already is and will be important as our human population is city intensive or increases in general.
It is always better to give options rather than force people into lock down style living. Unhappy people living in stifling conditions are not productive and can lead to serious personal and community problems.

Traditional shift workers, hospital staff, airport, transport etc were at a disadvantage due to the limitations of set hours for retail, recreational and dining facilities. They could link up with others working similar hours in a safe environment where they can eat quality food, shop, watch movies, play computer / video games or just chat in a, social network.

The extended hours for retail, recreational and food outlets would be balanced by their decreased need for personal retail space per meter – the already decreased foot traffic – lower rent – staffing would be more efficient with existing and new jobs but on different shifts, spread out. Autonomous robots – machines would be utilized for the tedious tasks, allowing the people to do the hands on, customer focused aspects.

The infrastructure is already there, add a few large screens, glow in the dark parking lines for better layout and viewing and tweak a few things over time and you have created something new from something old to adapt to our changing world.



  1. I?m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that?s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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