Here’s the thing about carbon free terminology – Magnetic Induction vs Combustion

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This post was inspired after I read a barrage of replies on twitter to a post by Jeff Bezos, some had a verified tick and were serious. I even checked the rest of their feed to see if the tweet was consistent with their other interests and comments, and blow me down, they were for real.

The tweet was back in January 2020, but it got me thinking about how much the general public knows or understands about carbon free or zero emissions terminology.

His company had just announced their all electric fleet of Rickshaws ( 3 wheeled nifty vehicles) as Carbon Free – Zero Emissions.

A group of haters originating from Bezos’s own country, swarmed the replies with such things as :

‘Always amazes me, people fall for this carbon free, emission stuff, the electricity plants are coal powered!”

I won’t single anyone out.

Firstly, it amazes me that these people can’t read and understand a simply worded statement. Stating that a vehicle is carbon free, zero emissions, is not stating anything about the power supply.

ICE – ( Internal Combustion Engine ) products must use petrol, gasoline or other combustible fuels, which then create carbon emissions when combusted. These fuels are not renewable and not sustainable, as they are finite in their origin, they will run out eventually.

An EV – electric vehicle does not have to be powered by a fossil fuel, coal powered plant.
There are: solar farms, wind farms, hydro electric plant ( facilities) and nuclear power plants around the world, all of which can provide the electricity to power an electric vehicle.

Solar Farms to power electrical grids.
Personalized solar power utilities.
Wind Turbine Farms
Hydro Power Facilities

The electric car itself is carbon free with no emissions.

EV’s can get their electric power from reusable and infinite sources such as wind, sun – solar and water – hydro power, which will never disappear as long as we take care of the planet as a whole.

Unless you are scientifically orientated, an engineer or a movie buff you are forgiven for not understanding the dangers of ICE vehicle emissions and what the term carbon free emissions in electric vehicles -EV’s- actually means.
It is often explained in a very technical way that most people switch off mentally from listening to or reading. I will probably get slammed for explaining it the following way, by the above mentioned.  

The exhaust of an – Internal Combustion Engine – ICE- contains many carbon and other emissions.

Carbon monoxide is what I will focus on.
It is deadly, that’s why you can’t run an ICE car engine inside a garage without ventilation.

You will die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Have you ever seen a movie where a person closes their garage and turns their car engine on, then sits in the car, to commit suicide? Well that is factual, although dramatized in its presentation.

Carbon Monoxide is clear, you can’t see it, but it is a by-product in ICE vehicles which burn fuel in the combustion engine, and must be refined and released through its exhaust pipe.

The “Silent Killer”

Carbon monoxide definition : 1.
a colourless, odourless toxic flammable gas formed by incomplete combustion of carbon. – Google Definition

Carbon monoxide definition: 2. the poisonous gas formed by the burning of carbon, especially in the form of car fuel – Cambridge Dictionary

This is the carbon emissions from ICE cars that people refer to, when they say electric vehicles are carbon free.

ICE vehicles as their name indicates, literally burn their fuel, which then creates carbon emissions.

Below is a comprehensive but easy to understand video explaining the fuel combustion and the need for exhaust in an ICE vehicle.

EV vehicles don’t burn fuels, therefore don’t have emissions or need an exhaust.
They don’t use petrol or diesel, there is no exhaust pipe needed, because there are no emissions to release from the car into the atmosphere that you breath and live in.

Below is a demonstration of an EV drive train, engine and battery pack. I am showing Tesla as an example, but there are other drive trains by other manufacturers, however the carbon free principle is the same in all.

Watch “How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S”

The current 2020 Tesla motor is even more efficient, after 3 years, but the basic principle of the induction motor originally invented by Nikola Tesla, is the essence.

The main difference between the ICE and EV in regards to carbon or emissions is clear.

With an ICE engine – combustion – the power is generated by burning fuel directly in the car engine, while you are driving it.

The power for an EV is converted from a battery pack, and the motor runs using the induction method – magnetic rotation – there is NO combustion or burning of fuels.

It is more prominent and important now than it was 100 years ago, because the human population exploded and consequently there was a greater demand and use of transportation.
The Internal Combustion Engine – ICE – was great for the period in time, that is now in human history.

Below : Watch “Human Population Through Time”

American Museum of Natural History

The next phase.

It is time for the next phase, more suitable for our rapidly changing world.
Humans have not evolved to the point where they can survive without breathing fresh air, and we have not adapted to live outside earths atmosphere yet.

Earth is an ecosystem of life that creates the cycle of life.

We must sustain our current world to accommodate all life on earth and create new opportunities for humans to populate other worlds.

You can’t keep adding more fish into a fish bowl without devastating consequences. Either the fish will all die or the bowl will explode, and the fish will flap around gasping and die a slow suffocating death.

This is happening to us, it is upon us, this generation alive today.
The turning point has arrived, and you all know it and many expected it, but maybe in a different format or time.

Its often hard to see or comprehend things as they are happening in real time. It’s always easier looking back on history, in retrospect. But we don’t have that luxury, things today move faster and progress more rapidly than they did in history. This can be used to our advantage.

Artistic Summary Video

I’ll finish with the video version of the featured image with sound effects. Below, Sound On 🔊

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