Life Hack – Forgot your  eyeglasses ,not to worry , you’ll still be able to read the menu.

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For those who need eye glasses ,and even for those who don’t !!

Click image to view attachment page with image credits and video version.

You’re out for the day.
You forgot your reading glasses.
No problem.
Here’s a life hack for you !!!

I don’t currently need reading glasses or any other type of eye glasses ,although I wear sunglasses as often as I can to protect my eyes from the sun and glare ,even to protect my eyes from strong winds .

However the fine print on some signs , products , product labels , serial numbers engraved on products and paperwork is so small ,that even I need some help to read it .

So ,most people carry a phone with them all the time ,and 99% of those phones have a built in camera .

Click image to view attachment page with image credits and video version.

To help read that tiny print ,I often use my phones camera to magnify the printed text ,just as a magnifying glass ,not to take a photo of it .
Of course you can take a photo ,but no need to waste your phones storage ,you can just use it as a magnifying viewer .

Many cameras have a quick tap from 1x ,2x  to 5x  zoom /enhance or you can pinch zoom to take it up even further to 10x or anything in between.
Some of the latest models like Samsung S20 Ultra ,have 100x zoom enhance. Quick tap or pinch to zoom.

I’ve often seen people or even been asked to read things for people because they forgot their glasses ,yet they had a phone in their hand ,I obliged and didn’t like to tell them to use their phone .

So if you are reading this and know someone who often forgets their glasses ,consider showing them this post or forwarding it to them.

Demo Video Below

For this demo I used a phone with a standard camera zoom to 10x.

For context the lower case – a – on the box instructions is 1mm ( 0.0393700787 inch )  tall ↕️ ,
My phone was mounted on the tripod at a distance of 400 mm ( 40cm , 15.74803148 inches) from the text on the box , a pretty standard reading distance .

Video demo 1080p
Click to view attachment page with 720p video version.

Samsung Galaxy S20 super resolution zoom

For those who are interested in the specs. of the 3 Samsung devices with Super Resolution zoom

S20 Super Resolution zoom up to 30x zoom
S20 + up to 30x zoom
S20 Ultra up to 100x zoom

The video below by Jenna – 10 min gives a quick run through of each model .

Samsung Galaxy S20 devices

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