If you could, would you want to be immortal or have a superpower ?

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  1. Longer living species on earth.
  2. Superpowers .
  3. Indestructible
  4. Immortality
  5. Earthlings – We are all connected
  6. Is our human physical form holding us back?
  7. Human Longevity
  8. Video Summary
  9. Disclaimer

Many species on earth live far longer lives than humans.

The Bowhead whale can reach 200 years of age and is the longest living mammal on earth.

While the Greenland Shark and Sea Turtles, can make it to more than 400 years.

Below is National Geographic Footage by Brynn Devine /Marine Institute via Storyful 

The very rare Greenland Shark video

National Geographic – The very rare Greenland Shark video

The Sea Turtle is amphibious, and can survive on both land and sea.

Tortoises are vertebrates and the longest living land dwelling creatures, as opposed to the whale and shark.

Adwaita” the Aldabra Giant Tortoise –  estimated 256 years old. Adwaita died in 2005 after his shell cracked and developed an infection. Carbon dating of his shell was to be done to confirm his age. As yet, there seems to be no confirmation of his exact age. It is safe to say he lived well in excess of 170 years of age and may have been as old as 256. 

Records indicate he was a pet of Robert Clive, The British General for the East India Company, before moving to the Zoo in Calcutta, India.  
Source Link: news.bbc.co.uk 

Further reading on the oldest recorded tortoises around the world.
Link: oldest.org


Octopuses have many superpowers

Facts about the octopus
  • 3 hearts 
  • Some scientists say they have 1 large brain and 8 mini brains, while others say they have 1 large brain with separate controlling nerve sensors in each arm. I guess it depends on what different people consider a brain to be defined as. Either way, they all mean that each limb can act independently.
  • Each limb can still perform functions after being severed and some scientific reports say they can regrow limbs as good as new from the main torso, but the severed limb will not grow into another octopus.
  • Each leg can operate independently along with each sucker on their legs.
  • Their ink is poisonous, even to themselves.
  • Short lifespan – most only live 1-2 years. I have read that some species can live 6-8 years. Either way, they have a short lifespan in human years. 
  • Camouflage experts – they can change colour, patterns and texture.
  • Highly intelligent – They like to play and are escape experts. They can recognise different humans and can figure out complex tasks and remember.
  • Shape shifters – They can change their body shape to fit into things, mimic other objects and creatures, and escape enclosures. 

Below is a video of Rudy the escape artist from Octolab TV 

Octolab TV Channel

Below are some sources for further reading or watching. 

National Geographic :Octopus video  /facts

Below is an excerpt from blogs.scientificamerican.com on how an octopus can regenerate lost limbs.


How Octopus Arms Regenerate With Ease

“Rare is the octopus with fewer than eight—at least partial—arms. Because as soon as an arm is lost or damaged, a regrowth process kicks off to make the limb whole again—from the inner nerve bundles to the outer, flexible suckers. Once an arm is regrown, it is basically as good as new. “

Read more at scientificamerican.com


Below is an excerpt from CBS News. The intelligence and creativity of the octopus.


Studying the creativity and intelligence of the octopus

“It’s one of the most bizarre creatures on Earth, and not just because it looks so different. The octopus can camouflage itself in a flash; squeeze its entire body through a one-inch hole; and their brains? That’s right, an octopus has one large central brain, and eight mini-brains, one in each arm.”

Read more at cbsnews.com


Salamanders can regrow limbs and internal organs.

Below is and excerpt from smithsonianmag.com about how Salamanders regrow limbs and internal organs.


Salamanders Can Regrow Lost Body Parts. Could Humans One Day Do the Same?

Their regenerative powers are just incredible,” says Joshua Currie, a biologist at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto who’s been studying salamander regeneration since 2011. If an axolotl loses a limb, the appendage will grow back, at just the right size and orientation. Within weeks, the seam between old and new disappears completely. And it’s not just legs: Axolotls can regenerate ovary and lung tissue, even parts of the brain and spinal cord.”

Read more at smithsonianmag.com



Tardigrades are extremophiles and indestructible.

The Tardigrade “waterbear” is found in the sea, in fresh water and on land all over the world, even at the poles.

Genetic studies have shown that they originally lived in freshwater environments before adapting to colonise the land, in moist habitats such as soil, mosses, leaf litter and lichen.

Tardigrades are extremophiles and have earned the title of being “indestructible chubby little things”. The species has survived earths 3 mass extinctions and is 500 million years old. They can survive the vacuum of space (radiation) without having to put on a tiny spacesuit. Guess their physical body is already a naturally formed space suit.

It can survive by putting itself into a dehydrated ball, called “vitrification”, a mummified state, to survive extreme conditions and then re-emerge years later.
It can live in earths atmosphere and no atmosphere, it could be multi-planetary already, we just don’t know.

Below is a short Dodo video on the Tardigrade

Below is an excerpt from an article from bbc.com Further reading on the tardigrade and its adventures in space.


The toughest animals on earth.

“Boil them, deep-freeze them, crush them, dry them out or blast them into space: tardigrades will survive it all and come back for more.

Tardigrades, at first glance, are intimidating. They have podgy faces with folds of flesh, a bit like a Doctor Who monster. They have eight legs, with ferocious claws resembling those of great bears. Their mouth is also a serious weapon, with dagger-like teeth that can spear prey.”

Read more at www.bbc.com



Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish are immortal, they can cycle through lifespans.

When they are mature and sexually active, they mate.
After mating they then revert back to their original immature state as the exact same entity. They then start the cycle again, meaning, they are immortal from dying from old age.
Of course they could get eaten by something !

Below is an excerpt from boredpanda.com about the immortal jellyfish.


Immortal Jellyfish: The Only Known Species Known to Live Forever

Turritopsis nutricula, or sometimes – Turritopsis dohrnii, is able to transform its cells from mature state back to immaturity, in other words – back to youth.

The process is referred to as “transdifferentiation”, and it basically makes the jellyfish unable to die.

Read more at boredpanda.com



All of these extraordinary creatures are earthlings, just a different species.
They live in the same atmosphere as us, on the same planet, earth.

If these living entities within the earths ecosystem, can live and survive such extremes, then it’s not science fiction, and why can’t humans evolve and adapt.

Below is an embedded Instagram video by Neil DeGrasse Tyson – from History Channels Universe series 1



Are you so attached to your physical form that you would prefer your consciousness to die with your physical form at an average of between 61 – 79 years old.


Are you willing to give up your current physical form for one that can withstand more years and keep pace with your consciousness or mind?


Maybe you would prefer to regrow duplicates of your physical parts with your current DNA or stem cells to prolong your physical bodies lifespan !

A change of scenery is always uplifting to the mind, a change of body could have an even greater stimulus for the mind.


This blog post was inspired by a newsletter by Peter Diamandis.

Peter and his colleagues are currently and have been involved in the pursuit of longevity for quite some time.

Below is the newsletter link, if you are interested in human longevity and the many medical facets that are currently being explored.

www.diamandis.com – Longevity Newsletter – Ending Aging


Earthlings- Longevity and Superpowers
Video version 720p
Click Link to view attachment page for image credits, images and other video versions eg. 4K


Natural life evolves or adapts. This naturally means that the facts and evidence gathered by scientists, biologists, medical practitioners and researchers will evolve as well. As different species evolve, some faster, some slower, the facts will change. 

Our ability to gather and decipher information is also evolving with different technologies. As our technology evolves, our ability to accurately decipher, research and report facts, methods, processes and analytics will also change. 

All evidence over time helps to ascertain and develop a true picture of an evolving, living entity. 

My analysis and representations may differ from others. My interpretations may differ from what others initial intentions were. 

Please follow up other sources of research if you require more information to form your own opinions.


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