Time for another Puff Piece ~ Apple  Puffs ~ So quick and easy.

Hmm dessert time.

Contains an internal hmmstudio.com video.


▪️ Apple – 1 standard apple
▪️ Puff Pastry – 25 x 25 cm sheet
▪️ Cinnamon Sugar  premix or make your own Cinnamon Sugar – you can use a sugar alternative eg  fructose, aspartame, etc.

Makes 4 Apple Puffs – per sheet of puff pastry.

Optional Extra Ingredients
▪️ Custard
▪️ Sultanas


Preheat your oven to 150°c
Grease / spray oil an oven tray, or line with baking paper.

1… Peel and dice your apple into small pieces.

2…Cover your apples with Cinnamon Sugar and mix, add as little or as much, depending on your tastes.

3… Optional
Add  sultanas

4… Cut your 25 x 25cm puff pastry sheet into quarters.

5… Leave your pastry in squares or round the corners to create circles. Choose a semi circle puff, triangle puff or a rectangle puff.

6… Spoon the mixture onto the centre of one side of your pastry portion.

7… Optional
Spoon custard over the top of  your mixture.

8… Fold the empty half over onto the mixture.

9… Press the edges to secure your mixture into place, then twist as I have or do a second press around the edges with a fork for a fancy edge.

10… Sprinkle more of your Cinnamon Sugar mixture over your Apple puffs.

11… Place on a greased / lined tray.

12… Cook on the center rung in your preheated 150°c oven  for approx 20 minutes or until golden brown.
Times may vary according to your oven.

13… Serve hot with custard or ice cream as a dessert.

14… Serve cold as an apple Danish style pastry by itself for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or just a snack.


Below is a video that summarizes the recipe. Click link in the caption to view a different video resolution or file size to suit your personal device.

Apple Puffs Summary Video – 720p HD
Click link to view attachment page with other video versions eg. 4K, 360p SD and Poster images.


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