Savoury Puffs

Quick and easy savoury snacks that will have your friends, family and guests clamouring for more.

Or you can eat them all yourself !!!
No, I admit nothing.


The twisted sticks give you that yummy crispy cheese with salami pieces, as the cheese is exposed in the oven.

They are ideal for barbecues or casual gatherings, movie night, watching a game or for gamers to snack on.

A sheet of puff pastry 25x 25cm , will make ▪️ 20 twisted sticks at about 1cm wide .

The square puffs give you a more delicate melted cheese and salami, encased in the puff pastry.

They are great for a cocktail party or after five drinks with friends or work colleagues.

A sheet of puff pastry 25x 25cm , will make ▪️ 8 squares

Same ingredients, with different presentations and tastes for different occasions.

For the demo, I am doing half and half to show you both methods.
▪️ 4 squares + 10 twisted sticks.


Quantities are dependent on your personal tastes and requirements . You can use more of each or less of each.

️ Puff pastry sheet 25cm x 25cm
️ Salami
I used Hungarian but any salami works.
️ Cheese, shredded or grated. Your favourite melting cheese. I used Havarti, but tasty cheddar etc. works well too.
I used a Spanish blend, with a paprika base.


Preheat oven to 150°c
Grease an oven tray with butter / spray oil or line with baking paper.

1.. Cut your puff pastry in half.

2. Cover one half with cheese.

3. Top the cheese side with your diced salami pieces.

4. Fold the empty side over, on top of the side with cheese and salami.

5. Press down firmly with your hands, all over, to secure the two sides and the filling.

6. Peel back any plastic layer or grease proof paper , from the top.


1..Cut your layered pastry into 8 squares.

1..Cut the layer piece into 2 halves, then each half square into 4 quarters.

2. Press each square separately to secure the filling and edges.

3. Place on your greased proof paper or spray oiled oven tray.

4. Sprinkle seasoning over your puffs.

5. Place tray in center of your oven.

6. Cook for approx 12 – 15 minutes or until golden.
Time will depend on your oven.

7. Serve warm or cold.


1..Cut your layered pastry half into strips of approximately 1cm wide.

Yes, the maths doesn’t add up. When cutting the soft layers, an easement is taken.  

I found it easier to cut the layer piece into 2 halves, then cut each half into 10 strips.  You don’t have to measure it exactly, they all puff up differently anyway. This approximate width gives an easier twist.

2. Press each strip separately, to secure the filling.

3. Hold each end of the strip with your fingers, and simply twist.

4. Place your twisted pastries onto your grease proof paper or greased oven tray.

5. Place on center rack in your oven, and cook for approximately 12 – 15 minutes or until crispy golden.
Time may vary depending on your oven and type of cheese.

6. The cheese should be crispy, not burnt but not creamy either.

7. Serve warm or cold.


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