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I’ve been trialling a new Beta version “News feed” platform called FutureLoop. As the name suggests it is heavily oriented towards progressive forward thinking topics. The platform aims to provide relevant, balanced content that’s not in an echo chamber.

It is currently free, I’m not sure if that will be the case once it’s out of Beta.


  1. Futureloop Introduction
  2. FutureLoop’s Mission
  3. Peter Diamandis Profile
  4. My experience trialling Futureloop
  5. Help combat Covid-19 by playing a free puzzle game.
  6. FutureLoop  prediction tool
  7. Podcast video by the Developer – Morgan McDermott and the Entrepreneur – Peter Diamandis

Creating an account is simple just login through Facebook, Google or an email address. No other unnecessary questions. By logging in you are able to customize your feed categories and preferences.
It has a simple easy to use layout.

When you subscribe / create an account, you get an email at the end of the day with a summary of the days top topics.

The first time you do a search, this login modal ( pop up) will appear.

Once logged in you can save your search topics by clicking follow.

In your feed you are shown article excerpts, with the time or date it was posted.
After you click on the short excerpt, you will see a summary of :
▪️ Who the article is by.
▪️ When the article was published.
▪️ What it’s about.
▪️ Why it’s important.
You then choose to read more or go back to your news feed.

Futureloop is currently a Web App that is optimised for mobile or desktop, so no downloading required, just an internet connection. You can either add their icon to your home screen for quick access, bookmark their site in your browser, or enter their Web address in your search bar each time.

The terms and conditions look to be pretty standard and it even provides the possibility of adding fact checked /proven content for those who are content creators.

FutureLoop’s Mission

Below inset is an excerpt from a blog post about FutureLoop, by Peter Diamandis the entrepreneur behind FutureLoop.


FutureLoop’s Mission

“Every day, FutureLoop scans hundreds of thousands of articles and journals:

▪️Searching for news with ‘positive sentiment’ that is ‘future-oriented’
▪️Identifying stories of ‘converging exponential technologies’ that impact industries
▪️Scanning for high-quality, referenced sources and validated stories
▪️Filtering out sensationalized and biased news
▪️Performing these searches on specific ‘user-selected topics’
▪️Summarizing articles to extract “What it is” and “Why it’s important”

Check out FutureLoop. While the product is still in Beta, it’s powerful, high-quality and free.

Your mindset is your most important tool during this pandemic. Consuming the right information is critical to maintaining that mindset.

FutureLoop offers “Data-Driven Optimism.”

Read more at : www.diamandis.com


Peter Diamandis

Profile Video Below 3min –
Who I am & What I believe – by Peter Diamandis
Sound On 🔊

Peter Diamandis is a very positive and forward thinking individual.
I personally like his work and mentality, but I can see that it would take others who are conditioned to gossip and negative drama driven news, time to adapt to this way of thinking.

“We need to change the conversion from complaining about problems to solving problems . “

Peter Diamandis

My Experience trialling Futureloop

Negativity is the norm in today’s general population, not necessarily by any fault of your own, but rather it is the only content you have access to, either through geography or economics ( money).

Gossip is free and anyone can create it. There is no talent required other than to have no respect for facts and truth. Quality content is usually more costly because it takes time and expertise to create. Both time and expertise cost money.

When you are conditioned to expect conflict and drama, you may find it hard to appreciate positive things because you don’t get the same adrenalin rush which you are used to, with negative gossip or conflict news.

FutureLoop and Peter Diamandis are more about enabling you to think about future possibilities rather than just being told what has happened and how terrible it is, without any solutions on offer or any future solution based thinking.

If you take the time to retrain your mind, you will start to get that adrenalin rush by thinking about the possibilities that are yet to come and actively trying to become part of it, rather than just being a passive observer.

FutureLoop is currently free and you don’t have to sell your soul to gain access. An email address or a Google or Facebook account and you are good to go in the beta version.

Being in Beta, means that there may be minor glitches, these glitches need users to help train the system.

I have experienced glitches, but unfortunately I am in a country that actively tries to create problems for me personally.

The glitches I experience may not happen to you, but I have given my feedback to Futureloop, who can decipher what is actually pertinent at their end of the experience.

If it sounds like a platform you would use, give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Take control of the flow of information to your brain.

Be prepared to suffer withdrawal symptoms from gossip and drama queen, click bait articles.
You don’t have to go “cold turkey”, mix it up and gradually transition.

Help combat Covid-19 by playing a free puzzle game.

I did a search in Futureloop on COVID-19 and found this great article.

Do you like playing computer puzzle games ?
Well, you can help researchers design new drugs to combat Covid-19 by playing a free puzzle game.

I read about this game prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, it was also used for other medical conditions and has been successful in designing therapeutic drugs.

Below inset is an excerpt from medicalxpress.com


“Citizen scientists are helping researchers design new drugs to combat COVID-19
March 27, 2020 by Meghan Rosen, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Anyone with a computer can pitch in more actively too: by helping scientists design drugs to combat the virus now responsible for hundreds of thousands of infections worldwide.”

Read more at medicalxpress.com


FutureLoop  prediction tool

Video Below: FutureLoop  prediction tool
1.30min. short intro video
Sound On 🔊

Podcast by the Developer – Morgan McDermott and the Entrepreneur – Peter Diamandis

Video below 59min : with time stamped main points below the video:
Watch the Instagram podcast posted on YouTube by the Futureloop Platform Developer & entrepreneur to get more insight into the Platform.

Morgan McDermott – Developer  & computer scientist of FutureLoop. Peter Diamandis   the Entrepreneur with a background in medicine, medical community.

59 min video
Sound On 🔊

  • 0:01 minutes gives an explanation of who and what they do and about FutureLoop.
  • 10:00 – Prediction Challenges global (anonymous) provide optimistic and pessimistic view – as opposed to group think or echo Chambers, showing a broader sampling not just one side. Control over bias
  • 16:00  Pandemic is accelerating the  digital transition, known to many as the singularity estim 2040-2045.
  • 19:00 Xprize FutureLoop will grow to become multilingual and scrape from other language based regions.
  • 22:30 Life Longevity and AI in health care. Prediction challenge survey – bunch of experts make a prediction with justification. Anonymously they all look at other’s justifications and can analyse their decisions based on anonymous recommendations.
  • 26:00  tailored & validated articles Businesses could use The FutureLoop Prediction challenges for products etc.,
  • 29:00   Solar, autonomous cars, stem cell grown meats, Covid-19, AI, Xprizes that change the world, habitable environments,
  • 32:45    5G and quantum Computing
  • 34:00  FutureLoop and its potential role in elections and voting. 
  • 35:00  No biases, scrape the internet, don’t crowd source news at the moment, Contribute to improving the website, accessibility and intuitive.
  • 38:00 stay positive and take a break from news TV shows. Universal income, upscaling people
  • 41:30  Covid-19 and bio tech
  • 43:00  Current Economic crisis prediction
  • 46:00 cost of solar and storage and Crispr tech
  • 47:50 social media addiction and high quality content,
  • 50:30  FutureLoop Facebook group on COVID-19
  • 51:00 Stem cells and organ replacement
  • 53:00 shape your mindset 


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