Optical illusion-body art

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Johannes Stoetter

Johannes Stoetter Art


Master of illusions – Fine Art Body Painting

Based in Northern Italy Johannes Stoetterart is a fine art  body painter.

Johannes turns the human body, which in itself is an original artwork, into a canvas for secondary artwork, these body artworks give an optical illusion with intense colors and emotion. He draws inspiration from nature and often presents these artworks with a third artistic backdrop layer .

His artwork blends multiple layers, with an intriguing presence of an underlying entity. His fascination with people from various cultures gives his artwork a global audience.

The images are literally alive and are therefore temporary in the current form of body art. The body art is however immortalised with digital photography, the 4th layer which you see today.

Below are a few of his artworks in digital format.

The Butterfly

Can you see the person in the image ?

Image credit Link : Johannes Stoetter Instagram

“To share happiness is what means LOVE to me.

I dedicate this artwork to my little daughter Linnèa.”

Johannes Stoetter

Video Below : Watch the living life within “The Butterfly” unfold.
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Video credit link : Johannes Stoetter Instagram
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Video Below : Artist at work – Behind the scenes footage of “The Butterfly”
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Video credit link : Johannes Stoetter Instagram
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The Sea Turtle

Look closely to see the person in the image?

Video Below : Watch the Sea Turtle swim and reveal itself.
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Video credit link : Johannes Stoetter Instagram
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High Heel Shoes

Can you see the people in the shoes?

Video Below : Watch how the people fit into theses shoes.
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Video credit link : Johannes Stoetter Instagram
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View Johannes Stoetter’s gallery of work.
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