Batty Bat’s

14 years ago, on a beautiful clear night, I was outside drinking a glass of sherry around midnight. I was visited by a bat, it hung from the house awning above me.

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I knew bats carried diseases and said “here have my sherry just don’t scratch or touch me” and slowly moved indoors so as not to provoke it. True story and for the record, it’s shadow made it look bigger than what it was, and I’m sure I could hear it breathing in the quiet of the night. Strange things happen to me !


“Sorry people, but there may well be a sub community of bat’s out there that are alcoholics, after I introduced one to sherry, to keep it happy.

They may have adapted and acquired the fruity taste of sherry. ”

Heidi M


Point is, it could happen anywhere, I was in a suburban house in a western country.

“The Virus” is from live animals not from eating dead animals and definitely not from 5G. ( Seafood workers work long hours, often before its light. )

Human populations are expanding and we encroach on their habitats. Given the past human population’s urban spread, this may not be an isolated event in future years to come, as pandemics have historically been !

The virus is alive and adapts when in close proximity for extended times, it mutates / evolves so it can transfer to other hosts, humans. It’s like humans we evolve to adapt and survive in our surroundings and will often kill bacteria, organisms and animals to ensure our species survival.

This adaptation within humans is also what can save us as a species and how we overcome and adapt to viruses, diseases, other species of life and new habitats.

Some people through this process build an immunity, but like the virus which needed time to adapt to be able to transfer in the first place, we need time to reciprocate and adapt. Some people are lucky and adapt quickly, others with low immunities, illnesses or constant overexposure don’t.

Wild bat’s like many wild animals should be avoided unless tested for diseases prior, but, bat’s fly and can drop excrement including the process of eating fruit and then spitting out an acidic saliva afterwards, which in many suburban areas can be noticed on car roofs if parked under certain trees over night.

Its the prolonged exposure that allows the transfer, looking at a wild animal from a distance won’t give you any disease it naturally carries as part of a living entity. Humans can also carry diseases that are deadly to other animals who have not had a controlled exposure.

When pioneers hundreds of years ago invaded and settled different unknown countries, many indigenous human and other animal species populations were wiped out by diseases bought to their region by other humans, these humans would have been considered wild unknown foreign animals to those communities. Humans are a species of animal that organically evolves to ensure its survival.

I am not a medical physician and would be more than happy for qualified physicians to add to this blog post which is based on my personal experience in a different field of life, within this integrated and global habitat full of various life forms and species, called earth.


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