Phone Themes – an easy, face-lift for your phone.

Contains videos and best viewed on and for a realistic experience, on your phone.

This post contains demo videos about easily changing the theme on an Android phone.

Instantly upgrade your phones screen appearance to suit your personality or preferences. Change the stock default icons and font style you see on your home screen, to a vast array of different themes that you can easily and safely customise yourself.

Changing the theme on your Android phone is not just about the image displayed on your lock screen or home screen. You can change them just by changing your wallpaper selection.

Just a sample selection of themes available in theme stores.

Changing the theme allows you to change the appearance of the icons on your home screen as well, and the font style if you select those options. This can be beneficial, not just for aesthetic reasons, although for most people it will be about customising your display to reflect your personal choices. It can also be beneficial for people who want larger icons or easier to read font styles, although the default font is normally quite simple and easy to read.

The theme store is usually pre – loaded on your Android phone by the manufacturer, not Google, unless of course you have a Google phone. The theme stores content and layout may vary between manufacturers, but their purpose is generally the same especially most later model smartphones.

You should have an icon named theme or theme store, otherwise you access it through your settings icon ⚙️, and it is normally found under the topic of display, wallpaper and lock screen, or home screen and lock screen, and then the topic of theme.

There are usually a good selection of free themes to download as well as a few default themes already installed in your phone. Once you feel comfortable and familiar with the process, there are even more themes that you can purchase, but this depends on your phone manufacturer.

Theme – Icon Video Demo

Notice the different style and shapes of the icons when the exact same home screen theme is changed.

Below is an Instruction Demo video about how to change the theme on your phone and some cool examples of different themes.

Audio Sound On 🔊

Link: 4K video version

Font Video Demo

Below is an Instruction Demo video about how you can change the font on your phones home screen and accompanying text.

Audio Sound On 🔊

Link : 4K video version.

The purple wallpaper was my own photo wallpaper. As demonstrated, you can use the themes lock-screen image, home-screen image and icons as a complete package, or just use the icons with your own wallpaper, as I did.

It’s fully customizable, even down to the type of font used. So check it out in your phones theme store.


This is not a paid promotion by any individual, business or organisation.

The themes and applications may vary from different manufacturers and or platforms.


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