When life gives you lemons!

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“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.”

Cathy Guiswite


“When life gives you lemons, attack the top brass.”

Heidi M

Lemons are helpful for vitamin C intake and are a great flavour additive to food and beverages. But the lemon citrus fruit is also used for an array of other applications as a citric acid.

Lemon uses: Tried and tested.

🍋 Confirmed – Success was achieved.
⭕ Inconclusive or Undecided.
❌ False, fake, debunked.

Clean your fridge.

Clean your fridge with lemon juice, non toxic, smells nice and cleans really well. Personally tried and tested 🍋

A Natural Bleach.

The acid in lemons is antibacterial and antiseptic, and it acts as a natural Bleach. Personally tried and tested🍋

Attack the top brass.

Attack the top brass with lemon and baking soda together. This double whammy removes that brass buildup with ease. – Unfortunately I haven’t personally tested this. There was no brass in sight for me to attack, they must have received prior warning. Not personally, but tested by others 🍋

Brighten and refresh dull hair.

Wash your hair in lemon juice; brightens and refreshes dull hair. Specifically if you are blonde. This is not the strength of hair Bleach. It’s more like a beachy sun kissed look and needs to be repeatedly applied. If any thing it is more of a cleaning agent for hair, to clear the build up of hair product. I tried this a long time ago, it didn’t hurt my hair, but didn’t give me the look I was after. You might be different. 🍋⭕

Preserve and pickle.

Preserve and pickle when life gives you lemons.
A true craftsman can show you how.
Watch “How to Make Preserved Lemons in the workshop”



You can do the standard preserving method. – Tried and tested 🍋🍋

Watch how to make
Basic Easy Preserved Lemons.

5. 25min

Make lemonade

Make zero sugar lemonade.
Plonk it in mineral water or tonic water. Yep this one’s really technical, so be precise. 🍋


Sweet lemonade with Preserved sugared lemons.
Sweet and fresh lemon jar.
Use the Preserved lemons for a more sophisticated sweet lemonade.

Below is a video demonstrating the method of preserving sugared/candied lemons. No audio but there is subtitles.


Make a soothing honey and lemon hot drink.

Make a soothing honey and lemon hot drink, just add boiling water. Tried and tested, delicious🍋🍋

Better yet make a Hot Toddy.

Better yet make a Hot Toddy, lemon, honey and brandy / whisky, and sleep like a baby. Double delicious, tried and tested repeatedly, just to be sure. 🍋🍋🍋

Brighten white clothing and remove Stains.

Add lemon juice to your whites clothing wash.

Below is an excerpt from home.howstuffworks.com


5 Uses for Lemon Juice in Laundry and Clothing Care

▪️Bleach Alternative
▪️Eliminate Rust Stains
▪️Removing Juice Stains
▪️Mold and Mildew Stain Paste
▪️Shine Your Shoes

The article gives instructions for each application.

Read more at home.howstuffworks.com


If you’re a sucker for pain.

If you’re a sucker for pain, squeeze lemon juice onto an open cut. Tried and tested, its stings, but so does applying most antiseptic or alcohol based products.🍋

Fade freckles.

Try to fade freckles (sun spots) or dissolve freckles. I have sensitive skin, so my results are inconclusive. I think you would have to apply this extensively over a long period of time, to get minor results. There are possibly better topical treatments available from dermatologists. ⭕

However, I received a positive result on the candy freckles– dissolved the color great but ruined my candy – 🍋⭕

Make a fire

Make a fire. The YouTube video that went viral, was debunked by a multitude of other YouTubers. I didn’t test this personally and I am no scientist but I’m pretty sure I agree it was fake. ❌

Below are 2 different videos debunking the claim that you can make a fire with a lemon.


Have a Tequila slammer.

Now after all that.
Have a Tequila slammer.

  • Lick the salt.
  • Drink the Tequila shot, straight up and straight down.
  • Suck the lemon.
  • Slam that shot glass down. Don’t break it though, you may want more shots.

Tried and tested a very long time ago, and never again. 🍋
A Tequila Sunrise is more to my liking.


  • Please do patch tests before conducting any of the above on skin, hair or clothing.
  • Lemons are traditionally safe for human consumption unless you have an allergy or can’t tolerate acidic food, in which case, seek medical advice.
  • Abide by alcohol laws in your part of the world and always drink responsibly.
  • And the squirting in other people’s eyes, was a joke, which I’m sure you figured out!


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