Fake news is obstructing our freedom to access real information.

“Animals can’t control themselves, so we put them on a leash.”

While everyone else is rattling on about freedom of speech and internet access. I’m looking for browser add-ons to filter ( hide and highlight) and block websites and words that trigger the malicious botnets.

Contents of this blog post:

  1. Fake news is obstructing our freedom to access real information.
  2. Browser Extensions – Add Ons – Plug ins
  3. Mozilla Firefox – types of Add-Ons
    1. Firefox Add-Ons for iOS and Android
    2. Contribute to Firefox for iOS – Developers
    3. Firefox Add-Ons for desktop/laptop operating systems.
    4. Instructions
    5. Extension Workshop Sideloading – for Developers.
  4. Chrome browser – WebStore – Extensions
  5. Disclaimer

Fake news is obstructing our freedom to access real information.

If I do a search on a certain topic or person, it has been coded to trigger a malicious bot, and all the information I receive is fake or malicious. Just because some disgusting malicious coder pushes a fake article to top rankings doesn’t mean its true, it means the malicious hackers (coders) are attacking my freedom of information for their own twisted dislike of a topic or person.

The world has literally gone insane with fake information overload. I’m not even talking about social media, this is just doing an internet search. Add social media, and now we’re talking about the mental asylum or loony bin, whatever term you want to use.

▪️ Freedom should not include the right to force others to see fake news and malicious content.
▪️ Freedom should mean the right to choose and have the choice to block fake news and malicious content.
▪️ Fake news about a real person is defamation and slander, when the intent is malicious, intended to cause harm, often through repeated actions which shows clear intent.

Where are all the so called legal professionals, why aren’t they pushing for laws to be implemented. The laws actually already exist in many countries, and the legal profession knows this, this is the same and should implemented for the internet not just old school newspaper print and magazines. Freedom of the press does not give anyone the right to stalk, invade an individuals privacy or spread fake information, which is defamation.

The law needs to start grappling with the phenomenon, that is:

“Everyone is a journalist in todays digital world.”

Get with the times before it’s too late and this world self implodes through anarchy from misinformation. Human history does not bode well for their future, when they are pitted against each other. Humans will wipe themselves out before that time of becoming higher entities arrives.

I am not even allowed to earn an income in the country of my birth, all because of fake information with malicious intent. I am stalked and attacked by delusional nutcases. Everyone thinks they have the right to exploit me, so they get paid, while I get nothing. I literally lost 20 years of my life because others spread pure lies about me, while others chose to believe the lies because the truth was too awful for their minds to cope with.

To many people, 20 years is their lifetime. Their entire existence, wiped. How’s that for perspective.

So you tell me where is my freedom!?

Browser Extensions – Add Ons – Plug ins

Add-ons are everywhere!
Would you like fries with that?
This belt is perfect for those jeans!

Add-Ons – Web Extensions are like apps for your browser, mobile and desktop, that allow you to customize the browsers appearance, security, privacy and functionality according to what you need, rather than just sticking with the stock standard browser, one-size-fits-all. You don’t download them to your device as a separate app, instead they get attached to your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox allows add-ons or extensions for mobile and Desktop – most platforms- and has for quite a long time.

It has a dedicated section, just like the Play Store or App store, but in its own browser. With Firefox you can select the search engine you use in your Firefox browser, and does allow you to use google as your search engine. So you can attach the extension to your Firefox browser with google as a search engine or any of the other search engines on offer.

Popular add-ons are ad – blockers, but there are also many other extensions such as :

  • Dark Mode (WebExtension)
  • Display themes
  • Google search link fix
  • Ad-blocker
  • Block Site
  • Password Manager
  • Search by Image
  • Worldwide Radio
  • Audio equalizers
  • Cookie Manager
  • Translator
  • Hide and highlight sites/domains

Be sure to check the permissions they require. They are attached to your browser, should not require access to your device, just associated access to your browser, and only active when you are online in your browser.

Firefox Add-Ons for iOS and Android

The Firefox add-ons are available across many platforms. If you access the Firefox browser menu, there will be a label Add-Ons or Extensions, it should detect what platform you are on and will give prompts about compatibility.

  • Android – A large range of extensions.
  • iOS – In development with limited adaptations. They are looking for developers to contribute so check it out on the GitHub development site.

Contribute to Firefox for iOS

If you are a developer, not just a user.

Below is an excerpt from developer.mozilla.org


“We’re hard at work building Firefox for iOS, and we welcome your help!
The main starting point for anyone interested in contributing to the Firefox for iOS project is the GitHub page.”

Read more at developer.mozilla.org


Firefox Add-Ons for desktop/laptop operating systems.

  • Mac,
  • Linux, – often referred to as plug-ins, Serious Linux user can develop, for Linux.
  • Windows


1. Go to the website addons.mozilla.org. It will give you prompts if it detects incompatibility. Refer to the yellow box in pic below.

2. Click a category

3. Click filter

4. Click operating system.

Extension Workshop Sideloading – for Developers.

This is only recommended for people who really know what they are doing. This is not performed through the platforms verified store, it is performed by developers. extensionworkshop.com

Chrome browser

Chrome browser Android does not support add-ons being attached from a mobile, widely assumed because it does not want people attaching add-blockers.

But Chrome does have its own Web-extension Store for desktop Chrome WebStore

How to attach an extension on a desktop – Chrome browser.


This is not a paid endorsement by any individual, business or organisation. The information is a guide only, for people to use or form their own opinion.


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