Ladies and Gents.  Gearheads, EV enthusiasts and rocket obsessive compulsives.

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  1. EV language for Gearheads!
  2. Inventor of the indicator turn signal and first Movie Star – Florence Lawrence
  3. Queen Elizabeth the auto mechanic.
  4. COO of SpaceX – Gwyn Shotwell
  5. Disclaimer

EV language for Gearheads!

Attention all Petrol-heads, Gearheads, Rev-heads or any other title you choose to identify with.
I’m afraid its time to learn a new language to add to your automotive vocabulary.

Don’t stress, if you understand ICE language, EV language will be a walk in the parks fresh air for you.

If you are already fluent in EV, then skip ahead and add history knowledge about females in the automotive and rocket industry. Next time you are trying to impress a lady, show her that you appreciate a females role and participation in the industries.

After all, most females support males in their endeavours and show interest in your attributes.

Otherwise if you are a lady and reading this, then you are proof that there is universal interest in EVs and the automotive industry in general, and the rocket industry is quite exciting once you delve into it.
Not that we are hear to compete, but a little playful ribbing is harmless.
Keep it clean ladies and gents, no backhanders, side swipes or uppercuts and definitely no fender benders.

As for those thinking about coal rolling.
Tip, women don’t generally like having dirt and dust deliberately thrown in their face, and we can get nasty if you interfere with our hair. So unless you are only interested in showing off to your male mates, most of whom probably don’t appreciate it either, but go along with it because its a bloke thing to do, then it’s recommended you leave that to when you are out off road – 4 wheel driving, away from the general public where young kids with developing lungs; old people with deteriorating lungs and the general public with all different types of conditions are in abundance.

Not all EV’s have Hepa Filters like the model X and Model S, the smaller cars lack the room for them. I am of the understanding that some Model 3 ‘s have it as an optional extra and the Semi-truck and Cybertruck will have the Hepa Filter, but be sure to check on the official website

Below inset is an excerpt from about the Hepa filter. – By Fabienne Lang, October 14, 2019


Tesla Model S and Model X

“These models come with an air filtration feature called the ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode,’ which is proving very useful during the ongoing wildfires in the Western U.S. State.

The HEPA air filter system removes “99.97% of fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, as well as bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.”

Read more at Interesting Engineering


Below inset is an excerpt from about the

New language called EV.


EVs – Explained for Gearheads.

“Trading gas and bolts for amps and volts.

The time is upon us:
The electric cars cometh.
It’s inexorable, so like it or lump it, it’s time to figure them out.

First, though, we need to understand a few terms and the basic concepts behind those terms before we can get a bit deeper into the weeds.
Have you been reading and hearing about electric cars and wondering,
“What does this all actually mean?”

The article gives a breakdown of the terminology required to understand this new language plus some extra knowledge about EV’s in general.
Cheat sheet consists of :
▪️Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
▪️Induction asynchronous motor



Females in the automotive, aviation / rocket industry.

Inventor of the indicator turn signal and first movie star – Florence Lawrence

Below is a video about the inventor of the indicator turn signal, stop signal and was the first actress / actor to have her name listed in the credits and used to market a cinematic movie, Florence Lawrence – The First Movie Star.

Short 3.45min intro video from

Queen Elizabeth the auto mechanic.

Queen Elizabeth enlisted as an auto mechanic, more than some Presidents or Prime Ministers have done, obviously when she was younger, World War II.

Speaking of which, during the war, with the majority of men fighting overseas on different fronts, the women kept the economy going and filled all sorts of roles in society, including the motor and aviation industry, as mechanics, mathematicians etc.

Most but not all, were totally dismissed afterwards and many not even acknowledged.

As next in line to the throne, for security reasons she obviously could not go to the front-line, as is the same for the male future king.

It should be noted that the security is not just about the high profile person, it’s also about the people around them, as they are a higher target and obviously attract more attention for multiple reasons. So ultimately more resources are required to secure the asset or assets. This is not the best situation for everyone in the vicinity.

Below inset is an excerpt from about when the Queen was an army mechanic.



Elizabeth in the army

When the Queen was a truck mechanic

“In 1942, at age 16, Elizabeth registered with the Labour Exchange –the British employment agency at the time – and was extremely keen to join a division of the women’s armed forces. Elizabeth learned how to change a wheel, deconstruct and rebuild engines, and drive ambulances and other vehicles. “



COO of SpaceX – Gwynne Shotwell

I might take this opportunity to mention a current female in the rocket industry, Gwynne Shotwell.

After all, its good to acknowledge people while they are doing something, not just posthumously.

Gwynne is the President and COO ( Chief Operating Officer) of SpaceX and has been since 2002. She is the right hand officer to Elon Musk the Founder and CEO ( Chief Executive of Operations ) of SpaceX .

Gwynne is a present day female pioneer, with brains, beauty and not afraid to wear killer heals and stylish suits in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Gwynne joined SpaceX as Vice President of Business Development in 2002.

The 20 min TED video below is from 2018, so quite recent, only a few small details have changed in that time. But like anything, running updates occur and adjustments always take place.

Below is an excerpt from the TED profile of Gwynne Shotwell

As president and COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell is responsible for day-to-day operations and for managing all customer and strategic relations.

Prior to joining SpaceX, Shotwell spent more than 10 years at the Aerospace Corporation, holding positions in space systems engineering and technology and project management. Shotwell was subsequently recruited to be director of Microcosm’s space systems division, managing space system technologies, serving on the executive committee and directing corporate business development.”



Disclaimer :

This is not a paid endorsement by any individual, group or organisation.

▪️I am not a Gearhead and not interested in becoming one.
▪️I support the advancement of EVs.
▪️I love driving cars but not interested in becoming a mechanic.
▪️I love the technology that comes with EVs, specifically Tesla.

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