Poems – A trip down memory lane.


Sometimes, I just get tired of being awake to things.
Other times, my eyes are tired of seeing.
Then, I get tired of being tired.
So I sleep.

The mind wants to sleep in total darkness, but never can.
It has more energy when the body is at rest.
It can travel further without the physical being.
It’s activity can be tiring yet also regenerative.
The balance of life.

I wake to the physical presence of now.
New things, new sights.
My mind catalogues and stores what has already been and what could be.
The past and future known only to one, are kept for reference for many.
I live in the present.

by Heidi M – 22nd December 2018


The mind travels.
There are no coordinates.
It defies our comprehension of time within a position, or a position within a time.

The mind is a time traveler.
It can go back in time, or forward in time.
Without our physical presence.

by Heidi M – 10th December 2018


My Sun-
We are always in your time, we circle you in our dance of love for you.
We put on our display of color, while you touch us with your warmth and light.
We will be with you until you consume us with your growing heat.
Our sun-kissed form will surrender to you.

Your Earth

by Heidi M – 5th November 2018


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