Helloooo good looking!

If, like me, you have a thing for good looking widgets, then I have a couple you’ll want to display on your phone.

Not only do they look good but you interact with them, directly from your phones home screen, offline or online.

Beautiful and useful, what a combo. You’ll see in the video demos.

As a CSS3 coder, both of these widgets have one of my favourite features, the option to change the transparency of the background. In coding terms its known as opacity, and it gives your pages a multi layer effect and depth, allowing your screensavers / wallpaper to become part of the widget display.

The widgets in my demos are the Android versions, for IOS please contact the Developers listed as they often do different versions for different platforms.

These are not paid promotions, I was simply trolling looking for widgets, having a play and exploring the app store, others hang out at the mall; not me!

Productivity apps are perfect for a phone, they give sharing capabilities with other desktop compatible apps or software.

A quick widget app is also perfect for a phone, it’s always accessible to quickly read, write notes or add appointments on the go.
You can read and write directly from your home screen without being online or accessing the full suite of a software program/app.

Calendar Widget

Calendar apps that sync with your co-workers are great for productivity and versatility, but for a private calendar you don’t necessarily want it syncing across the internet, cloud or devices.

This calendar widget by Simple Mobile Tools is beautiful and deserves a homepage on your phone. The one widget download gives you 2 separate widget displays that are both customisable and private, with only 3 permissions which can safely be disabled or set to ask, without affecting the widget.

As a widget, it is always on display for you to quickly access. It’s private in respect to auto sharing and syncing data, but I recommend you place it on the 2nd or third page and set your phone to auto lock screen so people just can’t pick your phone up and look at it. Most people add to calendars with words and phrases that are like a personal code anyway.

You can import and export to and from other apps, but not synced by default to any, although there is an option to turn on the sync with another device calendar, eg. Google calendar.

It has reminder notifications, and can be easily customised with a country’s public holidays etc. not just from the country you are in. Handy!

Below is a 6 min demo video of the Pro Version. 0.99c (depending on your country). There is a Basic Free Version, but it isn’t maintained by the developer so you won’t get updates, bug fixes etc. Check them out on Reddit.

Sound on 🔊

Sound on 🔊

Notes Widget

Note Apps such as Google Keep, Microsoft Onenote, Evernote are great for web articles, sharing with co workers or online links, and adding images etc, but they are synced and require a lot of permissions. 

I prefer a multi pronged approach, a widget note in conjunction with a separate full note app and a word doc app.

This Quick Notes Widget looks good, great to quickly type notes straight into your home screen, small download, only 2 permissions, of which I don’t currently even have enabled, and it’s customisable.

The Basic Version is free ( my demo) or the Paid Pro Version offers more versatility, does not require any more permissions and shows support for the developer with a once only payment. approx $5.99 depending on your country or currency.

It has a great notification setting which is a full blown alarm, cool.
It’s private, not linked by default to any major Tech company, eg Google, Microsoft, yet it is compatible with the option to share with those apps, but not synced with them in the basic version. The pro version allows you to sync to the cloud and your other devices.

Below is a 6 min video demo, I am just showing the basic free version for the demo.

Sound on 🔊

Sound on 🔊

I love Widgets!
Fun fact :
I was waffling on about Widgets one time and the other person was waffling on about Midgets.
We weren’t on the same wave length!!!


This is not a paid endorsement and Hmmstudio by Heidi M is not responsible for any changes or updates to the Apps featured in this blog post.


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