Happy Holidays and……..?? ‼️

It’s 9.20 pm on a Friday night, you’re relaxing in the privacy of your abode.

Most normal, logical people would not dream about knocking on a complete strangers door, let alone on a friday night unless they were in trouble and running from a lunatic in the street, and even then most people would not blindly open the door. If you get my drift.

Yet for some reason, some people think that they are different.

They also think that if they knock on your door and YELL out that they are from some religious group or some trumped up charity organization that you’ve never heard of, that any sane, well adjusted, worldly person with even half a brain in their head are going to blindly open the door and accept what they want to give you.

It’s bad enough that they expect everyone to celebrate their religious event, let alone that everyone is happy to have them interrupt their Friday night.

Yet when you have all your lights on and noise is emanating from your abode, clearly you are home and not trying to hide, yet you choose to ignore them and not answer or acknowledge their unsolicited and very annoying interruption.

These self righteous people walk away yelling, OH OK ALRIGHT THEN, in a voice with an annoyed attitude, purely because you are not interested in them wasting your time, when you are busy with your own life in your abode, not harassing people at 9.20pm on a Friday night.

Happy holidays everyone, but beware of the nutcases that are always out there..


-Heidi M

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