Aurora – Book Review

Not just a fantasy Sci Fi.
This was surprisingly deep with human phsychology and  philosophical currents running throughout the book. Heavily centered around the human needs and problems of interplanetary travel, settlement and life.

The Interplanetary travel, is on a ship which is a moving planet, a living biome. The ship is a cyborg, a conscious AI quantum computer with biological components.
Humans are a variable entity living as a symbiote within the living biome.

Their destination planet Aurora, was a beautiful planet like earth, in more ways than they realised, but…..

It is a very philosophical book that looked at fear, history, hate, anger, animal pack mentality,  conflict and religion, but also gives a very scientific and engineering viewpoint.

Easier to get into a hole than get out of it.

Arab proverb quoted in book.

A bit too political for me, possibly as I was looking for an uplifting escapism book rather than one that was fixated with human obsessions and conflicts. But I could see alot of people who are obsessed with politics and activism really liking this book.

This book is more anti space travel than pro space travel. A view I don’t personally share.

As an audio book, the narration was excellent.
The ship is the narrator with clearly defined change in voices when other characters speak. – by Heidi M

Live as if you are already dead.

Japanese proverb quoted in book

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