God Delusion – Book Review + more.

Before I get into the book Review, I feel I should give a disclaimer. I am pretty sure I am in a minority here.

At 48 yo, I have never read any religious scriptures of any kind. I have never attended a religious service, that I can recall. Obviously I can’t remember where I was taken as an infant or even as a six year old, but it clearly wasn’t religious based or there would have been some form of imprinting. But then again, there are always anomolies! The only things I have attended are other people’s church weddings and funerals, obviously not my own funeral❕

The schools I attended offered religious instruction classes as an option, not compulsory, so as I’ve stated, I have no conditioning what so ever in religion, and I have no intentions or need to delve into other people’s beliefs, unless they try to force their will onto me either directly or indirectly. Religion is of no interest to me personally, in any way, shape or form.

However, I am very knowledgeable in current religious events and happenings because of other people’s religious or cultural beliefs influencing current events and the sources from which they have derived their motivation, both the good and the bad, despite personally having no indoctrination in any religion.

This is what makes me a minority in today’s world and I consider myself to be a true atheist, if that is even a thing❕

Given what I have just said, that either makes me one of the most qualified or least qualified to write a book Review about this topic

To start with, references to scriptures or sermons were of absolutely no meaning to me, but the direct quotes, examples and the authors views on them, were logical to me as an athiest.

While I consider myself an atheist, I also acknowledge that I may have different views from other atheists because of no predisposed knowledge or indoctrination to religion or atheism as a child. Neither of them were topics that were discussed or forced on me in my childhood home. I won’t go into the reasons why, but both my parents grew up in households that did identify with a certain religion, but not the same religion.

Book Review

Book cover - The Dod Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Everything in the book I have cross referenced in my mind with events that have either happened in my lifetime or documented historical events in general, not necessarily religious and not recorded as scriptures.

I found the book very informative and very funny in parts, mainly due to the satire which I appreciate as satire. The book delves into many cultural beliefs and religions, then counters or explains where athiests generally sit or stand on those topics.

The many scientific views on God or creationism were covered along with the many different views that Athiests take. It was eye opening on both sides.

I can’t say I identify with any religion, that would be lying, I acknowledge the need for humans to believe in something, but I won’t accept their need to force their will on others who choose a different path. I understand the scientific views and support them along with the right to question things and the need to understand with logic and reasoning.

This book gives horrifically graphic accounts ( and yet they are the nicer of the bad bunch, that the author has self censored for citation ) quoted directly from religious scriptures that I would not recommend to minors and would usually be classified as PG or Adults only. Yet because they are classed as scriptures they are often forced onto children, no wonder many children are mentally tortured.

However if children are already exposed to scriptures, reading / listening to this would be mild in comparison and may reconcile some mental conflicts and give a different point of view for comparisons.

Usually children are not allowed to watch horror movies or read books until they are of an age where they can understand the difference between fact and fiction and dramatized events.

I recommend this book for people who misunderstand atheists, are atheists or understand religion and appreciate satire.
Alternatively it would be a great read for people who are interested in science and looking to broaden their perception of their own reality.

The dual reading by Richard and Lalla flows, nicely. – Heidi M

There are no limits ❕

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