My Cyborg attachment – Review : OPPO A9 2020

I was out for the day when my cyborg attachment, that I fondly call my mobile phone, decided it no longer wanted to live in unison with me and packed it in.

I’ll make sure his remains are disposed of respectfully at the appropriate recycling place.

I needed an emergency replacement and found one that was shouting at me, that he was my perfect companion for the day, and maybe longer. The outright price off the shelf with no plan and specs, fit with my customising nature.

WE GELLED and are now a steady item, except when I occasionally step out with my other companion.

AU$399 outright, no plan needed at that price in an emergency and you still get a decent phone.

The image is taken with the OPPO A9.
I was not able to take a photo of the phone with the phone, for obvious reasons, so I took a photo of the box it came in.
Clearly stated by the ©watermark, set when taking the photo, by the camera app.
Camera set on Auto HD.

The only color available to me, off the shelf, was a really nice luminescent deep green/blue color, which I like.❕

His stamina ( battery) is what caught my attention❕

Battery 5000mAh*

6.5″ Screen

48MP Rear Ultra wide Quad Camera

16Mp Front Camera

Facial recognition

Fingerprint scanner

Dual SIM

4GB |128GB expandable

Snapdragon 665

Game Boost 2.0

Dual speakers with Dolby Atmos *

*Full specs at bottom of article.

48Mp Rear Ultra Wide Quad Cameras.
Fingerprint scanner on back with easy placement access.

*This image was a photo of the box image (same as above) using Auto HD with Macro Lens, so you get all the detail, huh, including the fact that it’s a photo of a photo on cardboard.
©watermark added by camera app when the photo was taken.
Text added later

16MP Front Camera.
Small front camera notch, otherwise it has a clean interface.
Volume / power buttons on side.

*Image taken using OPPO A9 with Auto HD,
©watermark added by camera app when the photo was taken.
Text added later

It comes with a clear rubber bumper cover, white headphones, and fast charging USB and cable (USB C)

Able to uninstall pre-installed bloat apps like Facebook etc. No offence Facebook, but I’m just not a social media die hard.

App encryption and phone encryption, which you enable and disable in phone settings.

Secure keyboard activation when entering passwords etc. This is enabled in the phone settings, not the keyboard settings. This is handy if you like using a customised keyboard that is not stock standard with the phone.

Unlock phone and apps with facial recognition, fingerprint or code.

Anti harassment can be activated for calls and messages.

Screen Record (video), screenshot ( image ) and audio record (sound) are built-in tools that you can enable or disable and easily access in the pop out sidebar on your screen .

To activate your side bar pop-up go into settings, click convenience aid and make your selections.

App split screen, so you can have 2 apps open and active in the one screen. Eg. Working on a word doc and email app open and active in real time.

Like with most Android phones you can set each permission for each app
3 options
• Allow
• Ask each time
• Prohibit

Screen hand gestures, where you make gestures while touching the screen. You enable or disable the them to suit you in the settings under convenience aid.
Just a few examples are :
▪️3 fingers swiping down the screen for a screenshot,
▪️3 fingers swiping up the screen to activate split screen,
▪️Draw a V on the locked screen for flashlight etc,
or you can use sidebar icons that you traditionally click.

Interactivity is quick and responsive.

Color levels are good

Headphone jack, and old style FM radio ( This is good when you lose Internet connection and no cell phone connection. The FM radio works when your phone has no signal, no sim card or just in airplane mode. But it only works when your headphones are plugged in, for the aerial signal. )

Built in smart assistant for a step tracker and driver assist which you can disable or enable and allow /Prohibit each individual permission. Or alternatively you can use an assistant like Google or another customised assistant. The point is that you can customise it to suit your preferences.

Well worth the rather small price for all the features. I recommend the OPPO A9 as a second phone/computer or as your main phone /computer.
The key point to me is that you can customise almost everything to suit your needs and preferences.
by Heidi M

Full Specs.

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