I was interested in seeing the little truck and then…………

Oh my God it really is a tank. 
I stand corrected PAV – Personal Armoured Vehicle.

Disclaimer : I’m not a truck person.

 It looks mean and menacing
Definitely not pretty.

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The Tesla Cybertruck components and specs are impressive.

A few tweaks and customization and Yeh I like it.

  • Price starts at US $39.900 – $69.900.
  • The wheels are awesome.
  • It’s in constant stealth mode both visually, aerodynamically and sound or the little sound that is!
  • Range up to 500 ( 3 different options starting at 250).
  • Hauling capabilities, 7500 + LBS
  • Massive interior fits 6 big people.
  • Stainless steel body (won’t rust, high melting temp, very hard to dent etc).
  • Structural integrity of the new exoskeleton design.
  • Bulletproof exoskeleton and windows ( it’s the first shot that counts, if it gets thru the glass you’re dead, after that first shot doesn’t make it through, you won’t sit around waiting for them to keep hitting you in the same place which will eventually break the glass, you’ll put the pedal to the metal and get out of there.
  • That super Torque speed which personifies Tesla 0-60 mph in 6.5sec).
  • The truck is itself a mobile generator (no Fossil fuel separate generator needed).
  • Air Compressor could power certain tools.
  • Slide out ramp, cool.
  • Charging capabilities in tray for quad bike (tools, your robots or cyborgs can be charged on the go).
  • Tray has a tough sliding roof strong enough to stand on, and capable of solar panel utilization for remote areas. Also fits a queen sized mattress.
  • Attachment capabilities are endless.
  • Autonomous ready.
  • Self adjusting suspension for off road.
  • Handy in crisis situations in danger zones, building sites (military, fires, medical, law enforcement).

That’s my overview and personal opinion. I’ll leave the hardcore analysis to the motor and truck experts.

PS…… It’s a designers dream, it gets the mind churning and working in overdrive. – by Heidi M

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