Book Review – The Mayor of Noobtown.

This sounds remarkably similar to…..
I cant quite put my finger on what it reminds me of.
OOhhh wait, our life on earth.
Are we living in a simulation within a simulation?

The story is centered around a man who dies and goes to an afterlife which is a game, with demons, goblins and wolves etc.

Yes, I did just liken some living entities on earth to demons and goblins.

It explores the question that we are continually trying to Level up, or reach a higher level in life as we know it, even in an afterlife, and that there is never a perfect or final level. 

He must qualify for different levels, you earn points with the use of weapons and rankings, just as you do in a game.
He must prove himself, to reach the next level of life in the computer game, through different quests. 

Quite funny in parts with a dry wit. 

Definitely one for gamers or people interested in the theory that we live in a simulation. 
The terminology and references with the levels and stats is best suited for people who appreciate and understand the gaming experience. – by Heidi M


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