Python lurks behind the scenes but works hard for you.

I write Book Reviews for my blog and subsequently I have a dedicated website section just for book reviews. While I was learning Python3, I thought I would design a program to quickly edit my review or long blog posts.

Python3 is a backend coding language, so the program itself is not user friendly or pretty, until it is merged with front end web design. But, I thought I would give you a backend sneak peak, for you to see under the hood. Keep in mind that these types of codes are what is driving your word doc writing apps or software from behind.

It is hidden from view, but it works its butt off for you, and would like a little appreciation every now and then, as all Pythons do.

A bouncing blue Python with headphones

Inyuji / DeviantArt / Snake Jam

Show a little love for the Python, or it gets cranky.

Python is a very popular backend scripting programming language, along with Java and C. I’ve learnt the fundamentals of Python3, it’s a very large general language, suitable for those who like the interactive formats, but aren’t so much into the good looking front end web design process.

Python is commonly used in :

  • AI – artificial intelligence.
  • Extensively in the information security industry.
  • It can be used in gaming.

Large organizations that use Python include:

  • Wikipedia.
  • Google.
  • Yahoo!.
  • CERN.
  • NASA.
  • Facebook.
  • Amazon.
  • Instagram.
  • Spotify.
  • Reddit .

Users and admirers of Python, especially those considered knowledgeable or experienced, are often referred to as Pythonists, Pythonistas, and Pythoneers. So if you meet one, be sure to give them some appreciation, even if you’re not fluent in their language. They may be shy at first, but they can sneak up from behind and crush you if you get on their bad side .

The front end web design part, which consists of: The show ponies. Dancing show pony in sunglassesDancing show pony in sunglasses

iiwik / DeviantArt

  • HTML (the base).
  • CSS ( the styling & animation).
  • JavaScript & JQuery ( user input / dynamic animation ).

is what you the writer / user, see and use, to input your writing etc.

My Python3 code demo is raw, and quite basic compared to other backend codes, but I thought it would give you a little introductory insight into the links between the backend and front end development of apps/software, in a more relatable format, as a vast majority of people have used a word document writing program eg. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, WordPress etc.

This type of program, is what converts and processes your input behind the scenes, it then gets translated and printed back to your screen in a reader format that is legible / readable to the general public.

My program allows you to pick a word in your document and change that word to another word, wherever it appears in your document, whether it is once or a hundred times. Through pattern recognition, it can quickly find all words that fit that pattern fully or part thereof, and change them all without you having to do each one separately.

Good for people who type in shorthand for speed, and later edit for publishing. It also has an Auto-Correct setting.

I have set it to my book review – Awakening – The Twinborn Chronicles.

Take a quick look and pick one word you want to change and follow the instructions.

Word Doc Editor

Now that you have your word doc. written, maybe you want to get a more detailed text analysis (stats) on what you’ve just written. Well, with this Python3 program, you can get all those stats, this would be relatable to analysts, or writers to analyze the use of characters in reports. Of course this is coded for word docs, but the same process can be used for other statistical related projects.

This is purely a demo without any user input required. In an end software format you would click a button or link to view the stats on your screen in a reader format.

Just click the run button at the bottom or top of the code, the output will be processed in the console for you to scroll up and view.

Word Doc Text Analyzer


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