AWAKENING -The Twinborn Chronicles

An epic tale, where the entangled lives of twin born people exist in parallel worlds.
It contains everything from dragons, sorcerers, warlocks, goblins, war battles, pirates & necromancers.

The first 3 books are combined into one book.
Audible audio book
67 hrs.

The Twin born’s dreams are realities in parallel worlds. 
They’re linked to each other, through their dreams and contribute to outcomes in the parallel world through their twin born counterpart.

There are female and male lead characters, giving multiple points of focus, adding strength to the generational storyline.

It felt like being in a virtual reality game with magic, different plots and battles to keep you playing.

If you like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings and epic battles, this series is for you.

This book was outside my usual reading selection but I thoroughly enjoyed the escapism. While being aware of the underlying real world scenario possibilities. I could see the connection to multiple dimensions and the very possible future of minds being connected to each other, which is currently on point.

Awakening is light enough for younger people, yet has hidden complexities that would intrigue the minds of older Sci Fi enthusiasts, scientific minds looking for a change of pace while still giving you twists and turns to comtemplate, or people who simply enjoy a fantasy novel.

I will be reading / listening to the rest of the series, so it’s safe to say I enjoyed this fantasy fiction saga.-by Heidi M

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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