Having control through personal input in a digital world.

Unknown Multi dimensions fascinate me. While I couldn’t depict that in my coding, I explored 3D with a twist.

In my first blog of this coding series I demonstrated the use of images in 3D boxes, where I experimented with perception with computer science methods. I was on a 3D mission and wanted to experiment. This continued with JavaScript and JQuery Interactivity, but with turning 2D into 3D through the use of layers and depth perception. A tool and concept known to many traditional artists (painters) and graphic designers etc. I would say the same for other artists eg. musicians and actors/ actresses but the terms layers and depth perception would take on a slightly altered true meaning, while depicting the same emotion or viewpoint. I’ll leave that for another article.
*Leonardo DaVinci, as an artist and engineer, is an interesting read on this topic, of which I will be writing a book review shortly.

Along with the added bonus of user Interactivity in a 2D medium, the feeling of being in a 3D medium can be achieved with shadows, animation and the layering of objects to give the illusion of depth. Allowing a user to literally have input in moving an object on a 2D medium perceived as 3D gives the user greater fulfillment by allowing them to have some control rather than just being a passive observer whilst in a more similar environment to their own perceived reality of existence.

This is prevalent in people in other everyday tasks. Most people get more enjoyment when they actively have some input in making something whether it be through decisions, choice or physically making it.

To control your light settings to suit your mood or to summons a robot, machine etc. gives people a semblance of self worth by having some, even a little, control or a perceived control over your surroundings or objects.

Having some input into the design of your clothing by customizing it , rather than being told that you can only get what’s on offer, is more enticing than off the rack cookie cutter clothing. Of course, as tech improves this allows the decreased cost of customizing fashion, homes, etc .

Those who lived and survived a TOTAL communist regime (the cold war era, post World War 2, eastern block countries, Russia, East Germany etc. ) would know that everyone having the same car, having no choice of different food brands, being told what job to do, and all doing the same thing was boring and soul destroying, not to mention their long term standard of living, infrastructure and economies ceased to exist or ground to a very slow crawl.

This is a topic, that is very important in today’s white supremacy and nationalism movement, and I am very experienced on this topic, I warned and urge the world to not continue on this path. Hidden agendas and undercurrents are pervasive in your movements. Orchestrated by very intelligent players whose one goal is to undermine basic freedom through manipulation on all levels. And when I say intelligent, I mean intelligent, not wannabes or kids who think they know. These people are hard core and can push your buttons and play you like a fiddle and you won’t even know, until it’s too late.

I very rarely publicly speak about politics or this “hidden world” and have been heavily censored in Australia because of what I know.The comparisons of what I survived and what I was aware of in the Cold War Era and the Nazi movement, would alarm and frighten you to the point of not believing it happened.

I was born in the western world (as it is known) in 1970 and grew up on the back of that era, I have prior knowledge of what goes on, and I survived, many of you today through ignorance ( not an attack, an honest assessment) would not survive.

Yes, I am that person who turned 30 years old at the turn of the century in the year 2000 and became known to the world at a certain level for one thing, and to the rest of the world in a very different almost parallel world.

But 29 was the last birthday I celebrated despite all the fake reports, and blatant lies about me. It was also the last time I had any kind of freedom or happiness in my life.

“Having control through personal input in a digital world.”
As someone who has experienced, observed and analyzed processes and systems in motion in real time, which included large entities and individual people, this statement in the present and future world is extremely important for human self preservation. However I must acknowledge that like freedom of speech, it does run the risk of being its own worst enemy.

Fans of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will understand to a greater degree of how the interactive platforms which allow them to become part of the medium eg. film, game, painting etc is more rewarding and enjoyable as well as very useful in medicine etc. These platforms, are of course at the top end of the scale of interactivity and will become more mainstream, but we’re not there yet. And again, I will leave that topic for another day, but I do know that some of my code experiments have been successfully adapted to these mediums and other more mainstream mediums, by some international friends who shall remain nameless as I am not in their country and cannot verify their consent to speak about it, yet.

Below, in the interactive image, are just a few of my codes when I was learning, they were the initial raw codes ( as I call them) , from which myself and others have adapted and improved upon. I had looked forward to the day when I could have seen and experienced them in a final format.

*Please note, I coded all of these on a mobile phone, but they can be accessed or viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop. Click or touch the 3 different interactive buttons within the image and you will be taken to my corresponding code on the SoloLearn Platform.

I support the notion that things, even documents, don’t HAVE to be boring. In fact, I think it is even more important in a digital world, to allow humans to keep a sense of self worth in a world soon to be dominated by AI.

Light, electricity, space, nature, intelligent creatures who are like shape shifting aliens are objects of focus for me as you will see, if you did not know already.

“The unknown is intriguing and exciting, to be explored with anticipation and a controlled palpable fear to keep just a toe grounded for safety and sanity.”

“The known is comfortable yet boring, which can drive a creative entity or species insane.”

“Good luck humanity, you will need it to overcome your worst enemy, yourselves. “

My lineage will end with me, as this countries continual attacks on me prevented me from finding love and having children. I will end this post on a self indulgent note, I think I deserve.

This world did not deserve my offspring anyway. – by Heidi M


More to come in this coding series…
They will be less political, but still forward thinking.

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