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At first glance, I did not see what the photographer saw, I saw something else; but the image and its elegant simplicity drew me in to look closer and see the image from the photographers Viewpoint.

Photograph by Daniel Ernst.

Initially, I saw a wooden stick protruding from the ice landscape, looking down with a zoom macro camera setting . Possibly because I first viewed it as a thumbnail picture on my phone on twitter. Rather than a full sized image of a long distance mountain landscape, in profile.

“It is mesmerizing and filled with understated emotion .”

What was your initial thought ? Art is subjective, while what you see may be different from the artists view or intent, there is no wrong answer when it comes to what you see.

WhoaInteresting, bought this photographer to my attention, by giving the photographers name credit in a Twitter post. Amazing what you find when you follow the links and information. Appropriately I went on a journey with a photographer who does a travel blog.

The power of an image is very strong, sometimes they are manipulated for malicious intent. Other times they are eye candy or represent a moving sentiment, emotion or message, without any words, that cross language barriers.

“Many say math is the universal language, I agree; but I also place images in that category.”

While the outcome of math can’t be manipulated at the source, as far as I know anyway ( I consider myself competant in math, but not a mathetician ), it sadly is not always understandable to everyone. I do acknowledge that math can be used to manipulate other things through coding applications etc, which in turn can manipulate other things. It’s how the source is used that is relevant on a grand scale.

The importance of imagery is plain to see. It can affect everyone with sight in one way or another, and those without sight through misinterpretation or translation by others, with good or bad intentions.

This was going to be a long read post, but true to my way of thinking:

“I see no point in unnecessarily dragging something out, when the point can be accomplished or demonstrated in a shorter length of time, with as much or more precision.”

-by Heidi M


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