Growing electricity.

Sometimes you watch or read something that makes you go, wow.

Sorry humans, but we did not invent electrical networks. These living growing multicellular microorganisms are literally electricity and it doesn’t stop there, these 2cm tiny electrical pulses can link together to create an electrical network to cover an ocean floor, to create an electrical current.

Getty image:Humans electrical grid.

There are so many possibilities, the mind boggles. I’m interested in hearing your ideas, from professional scientists, business people, engineers, as well as the interested casual observer.

I watched the following video and afterwards all I could say was :

“Nature is the be all and end all.”

5 min short video.

We live on an abundant and wonderous planet, that must be harnessed, preserved, but utilized as a living entity, that benefits everyone as an interconnected growing organism with other ecosystems living and growing within it.

When you look at a rock, eg. earth, don’t think of it as an inanimate object, think of it as a living thing. – by Heidi M


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