JavaScript and JQuery are the couple that bring life to the party.

These two take your online experience, to the next realm.

The visual display you see on your computer, phone or screen is optimized by JavaScript and JQuery.

There won’t be any videos in this blog.
This blog post is all about interactivity, a brief intro into JavaScript and JQuery, with subsequent blogs taking you on the journey.

So limber your fingers up or get your mouse ready for a little jog around your desktop.

Click the blue text links to gain access to my code demos on the SoloLearn Platform. *Please note, I coded these on a mobile phone, but they can be accessed or viewed on a phone, tablet or desktop.
Interactivity of all forms at the user end is what makes your experience either enjoyable or as frustrating as hell.

From the mundane forms that you need to fill out for subscriptions and applications. To:

  • exciting parties ,
  • entry codes,
  • pop up warnings,
  • interactive games and apps ,
  • control panels for machines or appliances.

This is what brings your visual display and all the hidden technical code into your homes, hands and hearts, without you even knowing it.

With chat apps, message apps and email, JavaScript and JQuery are now our closest allies in digital communication, it delivers all that hardcore coding from the back end developers, into a hopefully consumer friendly format, or it can drive you bonkers !

JS and JQ allowed me to take my purely visual media CSS code and transform it into a working, moving product that users and consumers can become part of rather than just bystanders and spectators.

In the olden days, you used to have to get up, walk to the TV and change the channel, that’s not the worst of it, all that effort and there were only four channels, so primitive when I think about it. Then we got specific remote controls with specific circuit boards.

Now we have devices that are hubs for all your TV, music, lights, any smart appliance.
It can be a phone, tablet or a voice recognition box..
JS and JQ give you the control.

There’s a friendly and not so friendly rivalry between the backend developers and the front end developers.

The backend is the security and driving force behind a device, website or platform, very important, but if it’s not user friendly and enticing to the public it won’t be scaled and adopted for the masses. It must speak to people ( be interesting) and be exciting enough for it to be adopted by the critical consumer or user who really has no idea about the backend process.

That’s why JavaScript and JQuery are very important as well. They are the link between the two ends. They are the communicators, marketers or translators into an everyday enjoyable or useful experience.

Something can be brilliant and groundbreaking but if no one can experience it or understand it, it won’t take off or be adopted by the masses or people who stand to benefit the most.

On a personal note…..

I should point out that while learning to code I was accused of cheating because I learnt too quickly and hence was blocked and attacked by some very malicious Australians. I never received support from this country, yet they are willing to falsely take credit for things that I did. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The point is, I learnt on a self learning platform by myself, so these people weren’t even part of my life, they were just stalking me and looking to cause trouble. They weren’t my teacher, or paying me, or paying for me to do a course. These people were just looking to hate me, no other reason. I wasn’t submitting work to them for their approval. I taught myself to code for a reason, to benefit my knowledge in areas of use to me.

What most people don’t know is that my whole life I have been attacked for the very same thing and falsely accused of things because I don’t fit the mould like others who code or who are intelligent, oh and then there’s the thing about being female.
These attacks were mild compared to the false accusations I’ve had levelled at me, the last 20 years specifically, but that’s for my personal autobiography.
I never claimed to be an average person, in fact I warned these people of the complete opposite.

It is contradictory. They say everyone should be treated equal, unless of course you’re not like them, don’t look like them or don’t think like them. In which case, none of us are equal, we are all unique, even with clones, their experiences are all different.
Ooops… sorry that’s not a standard thing, yet. Moving on.….


*All the code demos and text content has been created by Heidi M.

Coming Soon…

Part 5 – More JavaScript and JQuery.


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